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Swirling Spiral [Free Crochet Motif]

Swirling Spiral yourcrochet 2Swirling Spiral is a crochet motif with can be added to most beauty blankets, carpets, rugs, dress etc. many project include this motif and are so awesome. Enjoy 🙂 Crochet fan? Join our group.

Swirling Spiral

This pattern comes from internet and unfortunately from anonymous author.

Swirling Spiral yourcrochet 3

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CECILIA M STRAKNA 8 August 2021 at 6:12 pm

Hello – the pattern is from Margaret Hubert’s 2017 “Granny Square Book, Second Edition,” and was the reason I purchased the book from a used book store. It turns out that it contains many other interesting crochet motifs, as well.


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