Hard Patterns

When you reach the heights of your crochet skills and most crochet patterns seem boring, it means that you need advanced crochet patterns.

Here are the crochet patterns for experienced crocheters. Their complexity requires masterful command of the crochet hook and the knowledge of advanced crochet techniques. Your gauge must be on point and your pattern-reading skills should be backed with experience.

In this collection, you will find projects that require special skills. Preparing and joining many parts, big crochet blankets you’ll spend months on, or tricky little stitches that will boggle your mind.

What’s inside

  • complex, time-consuming projects
  • projects that use advanced or tricky stitches and techniques
  • projects with lots of different stitches, many parts, or requiring additional skills
  • big blankets, complex amigurumi, tiny projects
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