Work with us

Work with us

Hello creatives! We are searching for people passionate about crochet and ready to work with us! 

If you are interested in working with us, please e-mail at:

If you have any relevant works, texts, or links to social media to show us, please include them.

All selected candidates will be offered financial compensation for their contributions.

Crocheters work with us who are looking for us.

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Eligibility Criteria

We permit only the pattern listings that are free of charge and designed by you personally. We’ll pay you for your work and grant a percentage of profit from patterns sold via our shop!

All submitted images must be free from text (although a small watermark is acceptable) and should not contain collages of multiple images.

We disallow collection pages, pattern roundups, copyrighted designs (such as Disney, Star Wars, etc.) and product reviews.

We appreciate your work!

At Yourcrochet, we know how hard crocheting and knitting can be. We appreciate authors who want to work with us. What you can count on:

  • Up to 500$ for original pattern
  • Royalties: Additionally, we offer up to 50% of the advertising profits generated by the website with your design!

Guaranteed one-time payment for a pattern







Job Offer: Crochet Pattern Designers

We are currently seeking individuals who can create crochet patterns based on given references. We are a dynamically growing company in the crafting industry, specializing in digital crochet products. We are looking for a creative and experienced Crochet Pattern Designer to join our team.

  • Design innovative crochet patterns based on diverse references, including floral, botanical, animal motifs, and other inspirations.
  • Create detailed instructions and/or diagrams for each pattern.
  • Take high-quality photographs of the process and finished product.
  • Collaborate with our design team to develop unique product collections.
  • Monitor crafting and crochet trends to ensure our patterns are always current and appealing to customers,

  • Experience in creating crochet patterns, including the ability to translate ideas into paper/schematics.
  • Adaptability and the ability to create patterns from various inspirations.
  • Knowledge of different crochet techniques and styles.
  • Creativity, precision, and attention to detail.
  • Ability to work in a team and good self-organization skills.

  • Work in a friendly and creative environment.
  • Opportunities for professional development and realization of your own ideas.
  • Competitive compensation commensurate with experience and skills.
  • Flexible working hours.

If you feel that this opportunity is right for you, please send your portfolio of previous works and/or link to your blog or website to claudine[at] We look forward to receiving your application!

Become an Influencer: Let’s Create Crochet Wonders Together! (collaboration invitation)

At, we understand your dream of becoming an influencer and making a mark in the crochet community. That’s why we’d like to invite you to an exciting collaboration that can help you achieve these goals!

What We Offer Future Crochet Stars:

Our experienced team will be there to support you and provide valuable tips. We want to help you develop your content creation skills and achieve success.

With our website traffic, you can gain more visibility in the crochet world. Your content and projects will be promoted on our platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

We’ll reward and highlight our most dedicated creators. It’s an excellent way to gain additional exposure and motivation to create.

You’ll have access to our products and materials to assist you in creating crochet content. With our support, you can enhance your skills and experiment.

We provide professional technical support to ensure your work as a crochet influencer is as comfortable as possible.

If you decide to enter a continuous collaboration with us, you can expect attractive compensation. Your earnings will grow as your career develops.

How to Join Us and Start Your Journey to Crochet Stardom:

Contact us at claudine[at] . Share your passion for crochet, your ideas, and your dreams.

We’ll arrange an online conversation to get to know you better, understand your goals, and determine how we can assist you.

Together, we’ll develop an action plan that allows you to grow as a crochet influencer. We’ll support and promote you along the way in creating crochet content and building your online community.

Through our collaboration, you’ll have the opportunity to become a crochet star and influence the development of this exciting community.

Together, we can achieve your goals and help you become an influencer who inspires others. Join our community of crochet enthusiasts, and together, let’s conquer the world of crochet! Your success is our success, and exciting opportunities are waiting for you in our continued collaboration.

Influencer Collaboration Offer: Crafting Crochet Wonders Together – Your Success, Our Passion!

Collaboration between and [Your Brand] can bring numerous benefits to both parties and enrich the crochet community experience. Here are several proposals for what we could offer as part of this collaboration:

Join our team We will create a portfolio about you at along with your patterns, which we aim to continuously develop. Example:

Organize collaborative crochet projects where products from [Your Brand] are used to create unique patterns. This is an excellent way to promote both your products and crochet projects.

on your blog, as well as a share of income from our site.
Our team’s certified Google AdSense experts work to ensure a steady and reliable income from ads. They can also optimize your website for AdSense, increasing earnings through strategic configurations and compliance analyses.

  • Increase in AdSense ad earnings. An achievable example: for every 100,000 users, you can earn $2000-3000 or more.
  • AdSense ad optimization
  • AdSense panel configuration
  • Analysis of site compliance with AdSense policies
  • User experience research is necessary to understand how they utilize the site, where they look, and what they click on.
  • Conducting tests (A/B) aimed at optimizing ad layout
  • Detection of AdSense policy violations
  • Tips on maintaining AdSense account quality
  • Increase in CPC and CTR
  • Periodic analyses, consultations, and recommendations.

Support each other by promoting products and patterns on our respective platforms. Create a joint shopping list or recommend crochet materials

Host joint crochet contests or online events where participants can win patterns and/or products from [Your Brand] and access content on

Consider creating a joint YouTube channel where you can share tips, tutorials, and crochet projects, featuring products from [Your Brand].

Invite crochet influencers to collaborate, promoting your products and patterns. Influencers can also participate in projects and events.

[Your Brand] can sponsor content on, assisting in financing valuable materials for the crochet community.

Plan joint marketing campaigns that promote both products/patterns and content created by This collaboration can amplify the impact.

Execute sales campaigns for patterns through Pinterest and Adwords.

Create joint discounts and special offers for the crochet community to encourage purchases from [Your Brand] and utilization of content.

Collaboration between and [Your Brand] can create a synergistic effect, benefiting both brands and crochet enthusiasts. It’s crucial to jointly develop a collaboration strategy and goals to build a lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship.

Offer for Crochet Testers and Makers

Are you passionate about crochet and eager to showcase your skills? Join our vibrant community of crochet enthusiasts! We’re currently seeking dedicated crochet testers and makers to collaborate with us. As part of our offer, we cover project expenses, publish your works, and provide promotional support. See full details at Work with Us.

At we recognize the invaluable contribution of talented crochet enthusiasts like you. Our invitation extends to both crochet testers and makers who share our passion for creating beautiful and innovative crochet projects.

If you have an eye for detail and love trying out new patterns, we want you on our team! As a crochet tester, you’ll compensate for project materials, ensuring you can bring the latest designs to life. Your feedback is crucial, contributing to the refinement of patterns before they reach a broader audience.

Are you a skilled crochet maker with a portfolio of stunning creations? Join us, and let’s elevate your work together. We cover the costs of your crochet projects, ensuring that your creativity knows no bounds. Your finished pieces will be proudly featured on our platform, granting you visibility and recognition within our community

What We Offer:

At Yourcrochet, we know how hard crocheting and knitting can be. We appreciate authors who want to work with us. What you can count on:

  • Expense Coverage: We take care of all project expenses, allowing you to focus solely on your craft.
  • Publication: Your completed works will be showcased on our platform, giving you a dedicated space to exhibit your talent.
  • Promotional Support: We actively promote your creations, providing exposure to a wider audience and potential customers.

Join us in celebrating the artistry of crochet and be a vital part of our growing community. Together, let’s inspire, create, and share the beauty of crochet craftsmanship!

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If you are interested in becoming a preferred partner and listing your crochet or knit patterns on, please apply here.