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women's bust in crochet crop top in yellow color

The Stella Crop Top Free Crochet Pattern

Introducing the Stella Crop Top Pattern, a must-have crochet project for your summer wardrobe! This trendy and versatile design is perfect for those warm, sunny days when you want to stay cool yet stylish. The pattern, designed by Jade from Ann’s Closet, features a beautiful yet easy textured stitch that adds a unique flair to...

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golden and brown crochet shawl hanging on a wall and close up of the triangle shawl

Golden Harvest Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Step into a world of warmth and elegance with the Golden Harvest Shawl, a breathtaking crochet creation designed to capture the essence of autumn’s golden hues. Take a closer look at the enchanting beauty and timeless appeal of this exquisite shawl pattern created by Angel Koychev from Angel’s Crochet Studio. The easily printable Golden Harvest...

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man wearing a red and blue crochet scarf and a close up of a mosaic crochet scarf

Fire and Ice Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

Experience the allure of the Fire and Ice Scarf, a stunning creation that combines the artistry of overlay mosaic crochet with the timeless appeal of a classic accessory. With its mesmerizing interplay of contrasting hues and striking geometric patterns, this scarf is a true masterpiece of crochet craftsmanship, guaranteed to turn heads wherever you go....

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collage with woman wearing red and pink crochet shawl with hearts and hanging crochet shawl with heart squares

Charmed Harmony Shawl Free Crochet Pattern

Discover the allure of the Charmed Harmony Shawl, an exquisite crochet creation designed to add elegance and charm to your wardrobe. Let’s explore the beauty and versatility of this captivating shawl pattern created by Angel Koychev from Angel’s Crochet Studio. The charmed Harmony Shawl pattern features delicate lacework and eye-catching motifs. With expert guidance, you’ll...

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