Bold C2C Blankets Free Crochet Patterns

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Any C2C technique fans here?

We are going wild today! Bright shades, contrast, sharp lines, and geometric shapes. This is what this selection of patterns is about.

Easy and quick, corner-to-corner projects are such an important stage in every crocheting journey. Once you try this genius technique, you will certainly keep coming back to it over and over again. It’s not the easiest, but once you get a hang of it, you won’t want to stop.

In the corner-to-corner technique (or C2C), we work diagonally in little crochet squares out of double crochet stitches. These squares can be in any color you like, so you can literally treat them like little pixels. By strategic use of colors, you can make “pictures” that include letters, shapes, or colorful geometric patterns.

Corner-to-corner crochet allows us to create truly unique crochet projects, but also easily control the size of our pieces. Once you’re happy with the width, simply start decreasing. This way you can make a crochet baby blanket or a big throw blanket.

To make sure you understand the technique, take a look at video tutorials and try out corner-to-corner crochet patterns.

If you plan to spend summer evenings with a crochet hook, these patterns we have found will come in handy. Bold C2C Blankets are both energizing and so relaxing!

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Colorful Blankets with Free C2C Crochet Patterns

1. Striped Out. C2C Baby Blanket

Oh, the stunning charm of pastel shades! This delightful combination of colors is so great for any occasion, right? If you’re decorating a nursery or preparing the ultimate picnic set for the summer, you need this c2c stitch blanket.

C2C Baby blanket

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

2. Sweet Lilac C2C Throw

Lilac violet is such an underestimated color, right? It surely deserves to be much more popular! Heather J. Anderson created a beautiful crochet blanket pattern that will show the power of lilac to the world. Does it suit your interiors?

C2C Throw

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

3. The Felix Blanket

Are you trying to introduce a pop of color to your bedroom or patio this season? What a lovely coincidence! We have come upon a pattern that will surely do just that to every interior. She Makes Crochet is a queen of creative colorwork, without a doubt.

C2C Blanket


Find this pattern on, or read more here.

4. Flower Field C2C Blanket

This corner-to-corner blanket is out-of-this-world adorable! If you have never tried the genius technique before, this is evidently the opportunity you’ve been looking for. E’Claire Makery will guide you! This floral motif will make you feel like it’s summer all year round. This blanket is among the best c2c patterns we’ve seen.

C2C Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are available on E’Claire Makery here:


Flower Field C2C Blanket

More info is on Ravelry here.

5. Herringbone Blanket C2C

The author of this pattern is famous in the community for her excellent C2C designs. We certainly understand why! The author of this particular version chose and mixed colors in such an awesome way!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Jessica Z

Herringbone Blanket C2C Free Crochet Pattern

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

6. House Divided Carpenter Wheel in C2C

This is a classic combination of colors – you can’t go wrong with grey and yellow. These deep shades of green and blue contrast so beautifully with white and grey. If you are on your way to uni, take this handmade piece with you. The whole dorm will go green with envy!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Lissa Conley

House Divided Carpenter Wheel in C2C Free Crochet Pattern

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

Rainbow Blankets with Free C2C Crochet Patterns

7. Carpenter Wheel C2C Baby Blanket

This blanket surely can’t go unnoticed, because it’s full of colors and the pattern is hypnotizing. If you want to become a crocheting star, give this remarkable pattern a try. These colors will be so great for kids’ rooms because they are beyond cheerful. Free C2C crochet patterns never fail us, so try this one today.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Lissa Conley

Carpenter Wheel C2C Baby blanket Free Crochet Pattern

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

8. C2C Rainbow and Coffee Cup Afghan Square

The unstoppable powers of rainbow and coffee combined will make you feel invincible every day. If you want to make a precious gift for someone you love, this project will be a great choice. Free c2c crochet patterns are rarely so original, but Divine Debris’ patterns are one of a kind.

C2C Afghan Square

Find this pattern on, or read more here.

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