Frostwoven Snowflakes Free Crochet Pattern

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There’s nothing quite as serene and pure as the freshly fallen snow.

These beautiful snowflakes free patterns are a great way to get into the seasonal spirit. Even though they are not very difficult, they can be made in a multitude of colors, and can function as both stand-alone decorations. Thus their uses are as diverse as Christmas tree ornaments or on surfaces, like a coaster, or as part of a larger display, like in a wreath. Moreover, they certainly render some of the lacy, diaphanous glory of their natural precursors.

Frostwoven Snowflakes Free Crochet Pattern

The frostwoven snowflakes are like thick rich snow that you know will form an eiderdown come the morning. Conversely, if you do them in fall colors, they could also be a great decoration for November as well.

Skills: Easy          Designer: Draiguna

Frostwoven Snowflakes Free Crochet Pattern

Frostwoven Snowflakes

Flower Star Snowflake

This pattern is a thicker, “meatier” snowflake with crisper edges. Thus it’ll be a great pattern for decorating a Christmas diorama where contrasting shapes are important.

Skills: Easy   Designer: Renata Saj

Flower Star Snowflake Free Crochet Patterns

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Flower Star Snowflake

Chain Loop Snowflake

Skills: Easy   Designer: Coats & Clark


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Chain Loop Snowflake  go here or  here

Ariel Snowflake

This pattern may look complicated, but it has only only 8 rounds. The finished snowflake measures 5 1/2”. Indeed, it’s beautiful, elevated centre gives it a three dimensionality that is uncommon in snowflake patterns.

Skills: Easy to Intermediate   Designer :Irina Maleeva

Ariel Snowflake Free Crochet Pattern

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Ariel Snowflake

Frostvale Snowflake Free Pattern

This one is a more traditional and instantly recognizable snowflake pattern that will fit well into a traditional Christmas set, as well as a modern one. Consequently, these flakes will be absolutely perfect in a window decoration.

Skills: Easy   Designer : Julia Hart

Frostvale Snowflake Free Crochet Pattern

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Frostvale Snowflake

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