Baby Dresses Crochet for Babies and Kids

Pastel Rainbow Baby Crochet Dress Free Patterns

Pastel Rainbow Baby Dresses Free Crochet Patterns

Baby Girl Rainbow Pastel Crochet Dress

We all know that little girls can be extremely picky when it comes to clothes, right? We also know a few fashion tricks that always work with them! This selection of Pastel Rainbow Baby Dresses will undoubtedly suit your little princess’s fabulous taste and save you all some time on busy summer mornings. Lightweight yarn, breathable openwork, loose cuts, and magical colors? What else can a lady dream of? This Baby Girl Rainbow Pastel Crochet Dress ticks all the boxes! The link to the free pattern is under the photo.

Skills: Intermediate Designer: Veronique Wallrapp

Baby Girl Rainbow Pastel Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the pattern:

Baby Girl Rainbow Pastel Crochet Dress

More info here.

Sprinkles Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Oh, this adorable baby dress is everything! This is how I imagine the very essence of cuteness. The pastel rainbow effect created by this amazing ombre yarn goes so well with this simple but festive cut. The perfect dress for a ball in the princess’s castle! The link to the free pattern is under the photo.


Skills: Intermediate Designer: Maxine Gonser

Sprinkles Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

Go to the original pattern:

Angel Wings Pinafore

More info here. Info about this particular version here.

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