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Adorable Crochet Baby Gift Ideas for a Proud Aunt/Uncle

Adorable Crochet Baby Gift Ideas

Your sibling has become a parent. Ergo, you have become the proud aunt or uncle of the most adorable and sweetest baby in the whole wide world.
Of course, you will want to give them everything their little baby heart wants, and more. In fact, if it were up to you, that little bundle of giggles and cuteness would get all the toys in the world, no questions asked.
Alas, since such a feat is near impossible (not to mention slightly expensive), you have to settle for something smaller.
But no, this something small will not be something store-bought. For your angel, you will be arming yourself with your crochet needles. Only, now you’re a bit confused as to what you should really make.
In this situation, we’ve got you covered!

Sensory Baby Book

Sensory Baby Book

Quite simple and functional, this design is a twofer. Along with keeping your niece/nephew entertained, this crocheted book helps them learn about colors, about different textures and through that, helps them develop their sensory responses. Definitely something your sibling will be thankful for!

Victorian Lattice Baby Blanket

Classic in design, the Victorian Lattice baby blanket is a quick and easy design to make, and is quite safe to use for baby care. Just be sure to double-check if there are any allergies that run in your family, specifically allergy to yarn. You don’t want this hard work to go to waste.

Young Athlete Blanket and Rattles

Young Athlete Blanket and Rattles

This is an extensive project and is usually recommended for intermediate crochet artists. Complete with small football, basketballs and footballs, this pattern is perfect for the baby who you know is going to end up loving sports. With a small pocket on the blanket for storage and a cute design to boot, this pattern offers a complete package.

Jazzy the Unicorn

Jazzy the Unicorn

You are the fun side of the family for this baby. This means that anything they get from you, it has to be fun as well. And what could be more fun than a unicorn! The ideal party animal, Jazzy the Unicorn can be your niece/nephew’s best friend for life!

Spoke Flower Blanket

Spoke Flower Blanket

Large in size and comfortable, the spoke flower blanket is a simple design that’s easy to complete once you get used to the three basic rounds. 49-inches in diameter, this blanket pattern can be increased if you’re looking for a large floor rug for your little one to roll on.

Getting Excited?

Wait, there’s more!
Along with these designs, Your Crochet offers a HUGE collection of the best easy crochet patterns online!
So why not try your hand at it?
Put your crochet skills to the test and give your niece/nephew something that’ll truly be a testament of your love for them!

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