A vintage crocheted afghan in purple, blue, and green with rippling blocks.

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It was not so easy to get instructions for this vintage pattern.  You can start work with this amazing stitch thanks to  Angela Maria and her grandmother. This amazing pattern grows very rapidly  and gauge is not important – you can use your any yarn and hook you want. Below you will find the most beautiful realization of this pattern we have ever seen.  A link to the free pattern and more details about  yarn used to create this beautiful blankets are below.

Confetti Ripple Blanket

Skills: Easy   Designer Angela Maria

Confetti Ripple Blanket

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site. Yarn and details about Confetti Ripple Blanket here.

Vintage Rippling Throw

Vintage Rippling Throw Free Pattern
photos: klcarter72

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site. More details about yarn and tips how to make Vintage Rippling Throw you will find here.

Vintage Chevron Blanket

Vintage Rippling Blocks/ Stitch –  visit the pattern site. For details about Vintage Chevron Baby Blanket go here.

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  1. Shannon Dowden says:

    I like it :D. My grandmother made ripple blankets, but they were just double crochets with increases and decreases.

  2. Cheryl Strauss says:

    Beautiful! Love the design. Especially love the colors in the top one.

  3. Lori and Smelski says:

    surely you’re not working in the ends for every row, how do you solve that?

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