Crochet Surface Stitch

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This stitch is a total blast for any crocheter! You will love when you try it.

While it’s a truism that you should know as many different stitches as you can, some are more worth knowing than others. The surface stitch is interesting, because it’s a great way of topping off or finishing a piece that’s already made by slip-stitching additional yarn to make stripe or accent motifs.  You can also use this technique to go outside of the rows or rounds of the project and apply a surface motif or applique such as a monogram or image. This would be a great way to add a monogram or image to an existing project. Please find a links to two free tutorials how to crochet surface stitch below photos.


surface stitch why should you try it free crochet tutorial pattern

Get the pattern

Free Crochet Pattern is here 

Or you can try this pattern and tutorial made by Repeat Crafter Me:

Crochet Surface Stitch

Go to the pattern:

Surface Slip Stitch Free Crochet Tutorial

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