[Easy] Kanata Sleeveless Top – Free Crochet Pattern



This tank top has super-simple development and uses stitches to do by mostly everyone,

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making it incredible for the propelled amateur crocheter who’d jump at the chance to attempt his/her initially article of clothing. It’s so much fun! The free pattern is below.



Kanata Sleeveless Top – the Free pattern download on Ravelry. Join us to get more inspirations ->> our Facebook group.

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    1. I found it on Ravelry. Follow the link in the description that says “free download on Ravelry”. It’s there.

  1. I love this look and have started the 2nd square. Upon reading further down the pattern, to the custom size, it says to end on a row 4, not a row 3 as the other sizes state. Is this a type-o? Does it matter which row I end the square on? Another problem is that I unfortunately picked up my
    K hook-not the J hook, so do you think I should make the squares smaller (16″ or 17″) as the looser fabric might “grow” when worn? I’m a scarf/cowl crocheter and have not made any clothing.
    Thank you!!

  2. I’m going to make this for one of my daughter-in-laws to wear over her bathing suit. She’s always looking for something cute to wear. Think she’ll like it for that purpose? Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I found the pattern in raverly but it won’t download plz help cause I’d really like to have this pattern ?? Thx

    1. You’ve probably download it in a separate window. Please check, there is no problem with download it from Ravelry.

  4. I found the DC yard weight was not right for this pattern. The tank didn’t flow like I thought it would, too heavy for me I’ll use a heavy thread next time.

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