Choosing the Perfect Crochet Pattern for an Office Chair Throw

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You’re proud to say that you work in a “professional” workplace.

And by professional, you mean sophisticated, straitlaced, proper, modest… and maybe boring?

Yes, you’ll be the first to admit that despite the professional surroundings, the place could do with a bit of color, maybe more. And what better way to add that splash of color than with a throw for your office chair?

Simple but cute and just right for a grown-up environment, a throw would be the perfect addition to your bland workspace!

But which pattern do you choose?

For your convenience, Your Crochet has sifted through our selection of free crochet patterns and has come up with 4 options that are perfect for all crochet artists, beginners and professionals!

– Fall Fantasy

Fall Fantasy

You can easily swap out the colors for something much more subtle or stick to the basic colors as is. Either way, this pattern would work well in bringing a modern touch to your simple interior. Easy to make and pretty straightforward, the pattern embodies the classic rustic style the world of interior design loves so much.

– Apple Blossom Blanket

Apple Blossom Blanket

Great for beds and as sofa covers, the apple blossom pattern is very pretty and feminine and adds a touch of imagination and personality to any space it’s used in. Great in a number of color combinations, the apple blossom pattern is a cozy design that’ll remind you of home!

– 109 Color Catona Blanket

Color Catona Blanket

Chic and gorgeous, this stunning pattern is impressive and eye-catching and will definitely garner a lot of compliments. But despite its complexity in design, the 109 Color Catona pattern is very easy to do, even if you’re a beginner. Just remember to gather your colors before starting on this project because you know you’ll be excited to see the final product once you start seeing the pattern.

– Elegant Crochet

Elegant Crochet

Let’s say your office space isn’t so stark after all, but just needs a bit of an upgrade. If that’s the case, the elegant crochet pattern is the one for you. True to its name and perfect in design, this solid pattern utilizes just one color, though you could add a few splotches here and there if need be. Otherwise, we’d recommend that you keep things simple and let the beauty of this throw design work its magic.

Want More?

Your Crochet is chockfull of free crochet patterns for all sorts of projects such as shawls, handbags and ponchos and even boot cuffs.

So if you’re on the ball and want to challenge your crochet skills more, browse through the site. And give your office space an extra touch of you to brighten things up!

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  1. They are all so beautiful! The apple bottom blanket is my favorite. I might make this for myself because I love it so much.

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