Adorable Crochet Baby Booties

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A pair of soft handmade booties are just about the nicest baby shower gift but are also super for other occasions as well.

Crocheted booties are great for babies who don’t walk yet, but you can make them for bigger babies, too – they will wear them as comfy slippers around the house. Explore the examples below and get inspired! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Adorable Baby Booties

Make your baby stylish and comfy in Adorable Crochet Baby Booties. These small creations are one of the cutest things you can make for your little one, and there is an abundance of designs to choose from! Go for funky sneakers or feminine sandals with beads – it’s all up to you. The best thing about it is that these projects work up fast, don’t use up a lot of yarn, and are very useful.

Crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby booties crochet baby.

Skills Easy           Designer  Andrea Cretu

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Baby Strap Flip-Flops 

These baby strap flip flops are a wonderful way of making a summer-ready baby bootie. They are a cute, and dead easy, way to make an adorable baby accessory that will get a chuckle from everyone. The project is fun, and is definitely one for getting rid of accumulated stashes of

Baby strap flip flops free crochet pattern.

These adorable little flip-flops will be perfect for hot weather, which is more and more common these days!

Baby Strap Flip-Flops

Stylish Crochet Baby Booties Free Crochet Patterns

Here is even more flip for your flop! These ultra-adorable, yet very easy baby flip-flop sandals are a great way to put a little heart and and creativity into your youngest’s wardrobe. They are also a great gift or decoration idea. Best of all, they will also fit a large doll, so an older child may get some enjoyment out of them as well.

A pair of crocheted sandals.

Elegant sandals like these will compliment many outfits beautifully, for example colorful summer dresses.

Stylish Crochet Baby Booties

Baby Converse Booties

Who wouldn’t want to own a pair of cons? No one. Everybody likes con high-cuts, whether in the traditional red, or rainbow, or any other color, converse high-cuts are just the perfect thing for your little skateboarder in spe.

A pair of crocheted converse shoes.

Although it’s possible to find designer shoes in such small sizes, it’s definitely not worth the price, because of how fast kids grow out of them. Make these cool converse-inspired sneakers instead!

Baby Converse Booties

Baby Sandals

Sandals, sandals, get’chore hot of the hook sandals. Get’em while they’re hot! If you make a pair fo these, you will have to fend off mothers with baby daughters with a stick. They are beautiful, and will great for dressing the baby up in her finest, or just as a decorative item.

Baby sandals free crochet pattern and video tutorial.

Something as simple as adding beads or sequins can take your crochet designs to another level.

Baby Sandals

Baby Owl Booties

Hoo-hoo! These have got to be the most adorable baby booties of all. The owl is a very good crochet theme, and combined with a baby bootie project they are simply irresistible.

Baby owl rooties free crochet pattern.

Cute little owls will make your baby even sweeter – yes, it’s possible!

Baby Owl Booties

Easy Baby Booties

Here is a more classic bootie pattern, that is decorative by its very simplicity, but is also more practical and will help keep your little one’s tootsies warm and comfortable.

Easy baby booties free crochet pattern.

Classic baby booties with delicate bow and subtle color palette will fit any gender.

Easy Baby Booties

Quick Baby Booties with Bow 

Are you a little intimidated by other patterns? Here are some ultra-simple, super-quick babe booties to build up your confidence and manual skills.Use these as a springboard to larger, more intricate projects. However, this is also a very worthwhile project in its own right and will definitely be one that will be appreciated as a gift.

A series of pictures showing how to make a crocheted shoe.

These booties really work up fast! Add interesting details, simply by using different colors of yarn in the top part.

Quick Baby Booties with Bow

Crochet Dress and Kitty Baby Booties Set Free Pattern

So, what is the accessory and which is the main item? These baby booties are adorable, sleepy little bunnies that will be just the thing to match your sleeping bundle of joy. At the same time, The beanie and dress is also super nice. What should you choose? Don’t have this dilemma. Make everything!

Crochet dress and kitty slippers free crochet pattern.

Kitty booties with big pom-poms are so cute! They work very well with an adorable princess dress.

Crochet Dress and Kitty Baby Booties

Sole Lovely Mary Janes Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a more ballet-slipper baby bootie, with a gorgeous button clasp. This is a great project for those, that enjoy lacier and airier projects. That, and you can use up ALL the pink yarn ends you have 😉

A crochet baby booties.

Lacy stitch used in these booties makes them very breathable and comfortable.

Go to the pattern:

Sole Lovely Mary Janes

Baby Rainbow Sandals Free Crochet Pattern

Does one button feel like you’re shortchanging a project? Never mind. Here is a bootie with two (count ’em!) buttons that complete two cross-over straps. Make, enjoy and have fun with this very elegant and attractive baby footware.

Baby rainbow sandals free crochet pattern.

Nice detail of crossing straps makes these booties unique. Make them exactly as you like – decide on colors, buttons or applique!

Baby Rainbow Sandals

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