Pull through Adjustable Scarf by Krista Cagle

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Have you ever seen the clever invention which is a pull through scarf, because it’s going to be your new favorite! It’s a simple scarf with a slit in the middle, which allows you to pull the other end through, therefore tying it tightly around your neck. It’s a great invention for all those, who are often cold, or who want to be able to easily take it off with one hand. All of these patterns are free and you’ll find links are under the pictures.

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Easy Pull Through Scarf Pattern Ideas

Pull Through Adjustable Scarf

Designed by: Krista Cagle
This pull through scarf pattern is a treat, because it works up fast and looks very stylish. Such scarf will be a great addition to any outfit – be it everyday, or formal.


Photo by easycrochet.com


Find it on easycrochet.com, or read more about it on Ravelry.


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