A woman is holding a crocheted scarf and knitting needles.

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Author of this Pattern said: “I am super duper excited to be sharing the main points of our second crochet on today! this point around we have a tendency to do things a trifle bit otherwise. rather than everybody creating a similar project, we have a tendency to set to throw a trifle select your own journey component into the mix! Here’s however it’ll work:

beginning Monday Apr half-dozen and looking Thursday Apr sixteenth, our eight bloggers can all be sharing a brand new polygonal shape pattern. there’ll be a brand new pattern day by day Monday – Thursday. attempt every pattern as we have a tendency to go along! It’s a good thanks to learn and apply new techniques. you’ll use all of them in your final project or decide your favorites.
Then, on Monday Apr twentieth, we’ll going to} every be posting tutorials for turning your hexagons into one {thing} great! you choose the project and also the hexagons – we are going to show you ways to place it together! the good thing concerning this can be that our comes vary from atiny low to large! Here are the comes you’ll make a choice from (and what percentage hexagons you’ll got to build to complete each)…”


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This pattern is available under subject “132002. Awesome Crochet Cowl and Bag With The Same Technique in our facebook group. After adding you will be directed exactly to this pattern author’s website.

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