A pink crocheted scarf on a mannequin.

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The beautiful shawl on spring fashions. A famous project of ELK Studio.  Take the Sweet Pink Spring Scarf! I get really excited when it gets hotter here in Alabama. With my cotton yarn I can start designing again! In the winter months, most activities are designed to keep us hot together with beauty and style, as you do not think that is the second priority? If my crochet thoughts pick up with warmer weather, they more model trendy pieces, which can add style to what you wear. While this accessory is definitely a scarf…. it was to be worn as a statement of fashion. We just want to look nice and good together sometimes and how do we do this part better? This stylish lace shawl in different colors will match any outfit. Crochet fan? Join our group.

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Here is the free pattern.

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