The Mental Benefits of Yarn crafting — What Crochet Can Do For You

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Crocheting has more mental health benefits than you’d think. The repetitive motions, unwavering focus, and determination to achieve the desired result can all have very positive implications for your mood and emotional well being.


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  1. It’s called a crochet HOOK not crochet needle.

  2. Mary Smith says:

    As a licensed therapist who crochets, saying it is helpful for those who need a “crutch” for their anxiety and depression is unkind, rude, and incorrect. Otherwise, good article.

  3. Miriam Adairu says:

    It does help crocheting when you have anxiety, panic attacks and mental illness, I know because, I have all those! And when I start to feel down, I go to find different crochet patterns. It the most calming effect when you are depressed, anxiety and panicky. Than you!

  4. Crocheting also helps people work chronic illnesses that are debilitating. If they can still physically crochet, it can make them feel like they are useful when they can’t do anything else.

  5. Love the article! I’ve been crocheting for 50+ years. Whenever I feel anxious, when my mind is in turmoil, need to make a decision, or just want to take a break from reality, I pick up my hook and start to crochet. To me, it’s a form of meditation at its finest. Whether I want to or not, an invisible bubble forms around me, I feel blanketed in peace, and every muscle relaxes. Crocheting also causes my “God given creative juices” to flow. My mental and physical health have immensely improved over the years and I’ve learned to avoid trauma and drama. What I love most is that crocheting is easy to learn and it’s free! I taught myself at age 17 and if I can do it, anyone can as well! ?

  6. I have a severe traumatic brain injury and my crocheting really helps keep me focused and calm. If I start to feel a bit stressed or out of focus I reach for one of the many tote bags my husband and I have stashed around the house. I get one and continue on with whatever project is in the bag.

    1. Pam Sauce says:

      What a great idea of different projects in different rooms of the house! I do have a bag in my van so if I’m waiting I can crochet…. It has been the best therapy for me and I thank God for like minded people.

  7. Pam Sauce says:

    Im a crafter and seamstress from childhood. I always wanted to learn to crochet but I’m left handed so everyone around would say they couldn’t teach me. I’m apendextrious so I just wanted them to teach me right handed. Utube taught me last fall at age 56. I have bought yarn from other people’s stash and left overs that have been given to me! Due to many life shattering events, crocheting has helped me in sooo very many ways. I have anxiety attacks, depression, and too many on going things to make me crash. Crocheting gives me a craft that I can huddle in my rocker (or any where) and feel productive, plus creative!!!
    The Best Article I’ve found on Pinterest!!!!!!!
    Thank You!!!

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