The Best Crochet Slippers with Video Tutorials

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Welcome, yarn lovers! Guess what? We have prepared a special treat for all the home birds out there! This collection of comfy slippers will blow your mind.

Some crocheters always choose to work with written patterns, but there are plenty of yarn artists out there who prefer to follow video tutorials. If you have never tried this method of learning and creating, you have certainly landed in the right corner of our website today. Our legendary list of The Best Crochet Slippers with Free Video Tutorials is great for absolutely everyone! Both beginners and experienced crafters will surely find something interesting for themselves here. Are you convinced already? Well then, go look for your favorite pair!

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Crocodile Stitch Boots

We are starting this awesome list with something very original and so pretty. If you are a fan of fantastic creatures and unusual motifs, this version of the crocodile stitch is a technique you simply must learn! You will achieve magical effects with it, no doubt about it!

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here.

Glama’s PUCKERLESS Slippers

A simple base with a floral twist, how lovely! We are so into this pair of slippers thanks to its fresh charm. It makes us think of the first days of spring! You can customize this pattern to suit your color preferences and fabulous taste for appliques.

The full article about the pattern is here.

Baby Flip Flops Crochet Pattern

We have just seen two awesome patterns for crochet slippers for adults, now it is time to focus on little feet! We bet your newborns and toddler will fall head over heels in love with this playful pair of handmade booties. So cute, isn’t it?

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here.

Mary Jane Skimmers

Isn’t Mary Jane simply gorgeous? We definitely think so! This pair of elegant slippers will suit the tastes of all the elegant ladies who like to stay classy at all times. Choose your favorite colors and spice up the design with a contrasting ribbon.

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here.


Crochet Cafe’s Slippers

Drinking a cup of hot coffee in the morning n this comfortable pair must feel like heaven! If you are looking for a simple video tutorial, this one may be just the thing for you. A handmade gift like that is an awesome idea as well!

Double Strapped Slippers

Who said that crochet slippers are good only for summer? This exciting tutorial will help you make an awesome pair for warm days. Super comfortable and lightweight, these slippers are a must-have in your collection.

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here.

Sandalias Crochet o Ganchillo Mary Jane Slippers

This stitch looks so neat, doesn’t it? We are so impressed! If you have a free afternoon all for yourself, you should relax while working on a new pair of comfortable slippers. This combination of violet and brown is quite unusual, right? What will you go for?

Slippers on Felt Soles

What are the most important qualities of handmade slippers? They should be stylish and comfortable, obviously, but they must also be solid enough to serve us for many seasons. After all, we get used to what we feel comfy in, don’t we? You will feel super comfy in this pair for sure!

Ballerina Mary Jane Slippers With Bows

Does your little ballerina need a new pair of crochet slippers? Obviously, one can never get enough of them, right? If you have some leftover yarn in delightful pastel colors, we have evidently just found a great tutorial for you to try.

Granny Slippers

The classic granny technique is very much present in the world of crochet footwear, unquestionably! If you have already tried granny squares, afghans, bags, and decorative pillows, now is the time for you to try crochet slippers tutorials. Trust us on this one!

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here.

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