A purple and white crocheted afghan on a chair.

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Adeline Crochet Baby BlanketA frilly, girly infant cover ideal for learners! Uses just essential join, yet turns out looking significantly more perplexing. Completed Dimensions: Approximately 31×42″. Trouble: Easy. Learning of essential fastens required. Example incorporates tedious fasten designs, straightforward shading changes. Example the pattern organize PDF. Style: Written, US crochet terms.

Adeline Crochet Baby Blanket 1This is a Bright and Scrappy unique plan. You don’t have consent to offer or disseminate this example or utilize the pictures. You DO have the authorization to offer any things you make with this example, and credit for the outline is GREATLY valued! đŸ™‚

Adeline Crochet Baby Blanket 2The yarn suggestions are on Ravelry and the PDF written version is here. Share your work in our group or find here new ideas and inspirations.

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