Teddy Bear Sleeper – Amigurumi – Free Crochet Pattern



Bear Sleeper – cute teddy.

Collect all parts and sew it up together finally. Make for sale or for your best friends. It’s so much fun! The link to the free pattern is down of website.

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Teddy Bear Sleeper – Amigurumi – the Free pattern is here. Join us to get more inspirations ->> our Facebook group.

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      1. I would like this pattern in English can’t understand the format.
        Would love to do this pattern for my 3rd great grandchild due in November
        Liz b

      1. so the free pattern is down of website? you mean the website is down and cannot download yet? help us to understand. I would love to have the pattern as it is free!! Thank you!

  1. I tried to read the pattern but the stitches are marked differently to English stitches so I have no idea which stitches to use, Please can you clarify the stitches xx Love this bear so much, xx

    1. I really love to make this bear but other than ‘sc’ I don’t understand the short forms like bp, RLS, fps, RPS, PSN, ap, y, UB, etc. Can you please provide table for all these short forms? Also the pattern doesn’t include that of the hat and the slippers. Thanking you in advance

  2. Can you please provide a table for all the abbreviations given in the pattern? I cannot understand them at all as they are different fro the ones we use in english. Also please provide the pattern for the hat and the slippers for the bear dormouse. Thanking you in advance.

  3. I understand the pattern is translated from Russian to English but I can’t understand the abbreviations. Help!
    It is so cute I want to make it.

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