A Beaut Oval Rug [Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial]


A Beaut Oval Rug [Free Pattern]

This beautiful rug is made of 4,5 mm polyester cord. Such a cord does not stretch like a normal crocheted cord, while remaining flexible and comfortable for crochet carpets. The polyester cord retains the shape very well and will continue to do so for years. Despite its “terrible” name – polyester – the cord is very practical – it is hypoallergenic, it is easier to wash and dry, and, most importantly, polyester cord is cheaper than cotton cord. A carpet of the same size, crocheted from a cotton cord, will cost twice as much. The rug is 230 * 180 cm (90″ x 71″).

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This beautiful pattern has been made in many ways. Below are two of them. The upper crochet rug is a photo from a  video tutorial, the photo below comes from Rosane Zoch Leite. The photo sources are at the end of article. For more free designs every day follow us on Facebook. Links to the free pattern, diagram and tutorial are below.

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A Beaut Oval Rug – Free Pattern is here. You may also like a detailed photo tutorial here.

Click here to go to video tutorial and diagram



The yellow rug photo source is here.

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Video tutorial (please turn on English subtitles):

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    1. I believe its just the diagram. I don’t see a written pattern. Maybe one day there will be a written pattern. It is quite beautiful.

    2. The pattern is under the photo of the yellow one where it says click here click on the little + just before the click here

    1. I found it, scroll up, below the yellow rug you will see this:
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      Click here to read the article to the end in from top these word you will see a +. Click n that and you will get the pattern. I hope this is helpful.

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