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Hello there, artistic souls! Guess what? We are transforming mandalas into rugs today! Do you want to join us? This crochet trick may be new to you!

If you have an artistic side, our collection of Oval Mandala Rugs Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns will certainly make your heart beat faster. The exemplary patterns we have selected are an excellent source of inspiration for every crochet lover who happens to be a passionate homemaker as well. We know that a handmade accessory can make everyone feel like home, don’t we? Obviously! The mandala-based patterns for crochet rugs are great for people of all skill levels, so don’t hesitate to try one of them even if you are a beginner. Are you ready to dive into this fabulous collection? So ready, right? Your new favorite rug is waiting!

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Modern Crochet Rugs with Free Patterns

Minimalist, colorful, trendy. These oval rugs will complete modern interiors like a dream! Add them to your library of crocheting tricks and make your home feel like an inside of a fancy interior design magazine.

Coil & Crochet Scrap Fabric Rug

Guess what, crochet lovers? You can finally put all the scraps you have been hoarding to good use! Every artistic soul would like a handmade rug like that in their home, without a doubt. This beautiful piece will complement modern interiors like a dream.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Cintia Gonzalez

Crochet Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on My Poppet website here:

Coil & Crochet Scrap Fabric Rug

No Wool Left Behind

What a delicious mixture of colors! The deep shades of blue, pink, and yellow you see on the photo below are so sense-soothing. Can you feel their powers? Without a doubt! If you want to add a bit of boho touch to your interiors, crochet a couple of rugs by Johanna Lindahl. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Johanna Lindahl

Crochet Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on Mijo Crochet’s website here:

No Wool Left Behind

Round Fringe Rug

Ah, the refreshing turquoise shades! Aren’t they absolutely enchanting? All the people longing for cold summer breeze would surely love to have a rug like this one on their patio or in their bathroom. If you prefer warmer shades, go for sunny yellow. Perfect for this time of the year, right? Crochet rug patterns are always perfectly customizable!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Yarnspirations Design Studio

Crochet Rug with a Fringe

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarnspirations here:

Round Fringe Rug

Polar Mandala

Which version of this breathtaking mandala designed by ByMimzan speaks to you louder? Would you choose between the two you see on the photo or go for something completely different? We are so curious! This pattern will help you make a one of a kind crochet rug. You can also use it for wall decor or table setting!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: ByMimzan

Crchet Mandalas

The original pattern and the photos are available on ByMimzan’s website here:

Polar Mandala

Round Crocheted Rug

This cocktail of colors is so delicious! If you are looking for a nice summer project, moois van me has got you covered! Even beginners will master this super exciting patterns in no time. The only difficult thing here is choosing colors, evidently! Will you stick with the option from the photo below?

Skills: upper beginner Designer: moois van me

Colorful Crochet Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on moois van me’s website here:

Round Crocheted Rug

Nature-Inspired Crochet Rugs with Free Patterns

Which crocheter doesn’t appreciate mother nature and her miraculous creations? We all certainly do. These mandala rugs were inspired by wildflowers and the Sun itself! How could they not look absolutely stunning?

Unicorn Mandala CAL

These mandala rugs are as magical and as colorful as unicorns themselves! Inspired by such fascinating creatures, these crochet wonders simply had to turn out amazing. Anna Nilsson has inspired many crafters with her outstanding crochet along. Will you join them now? You unquestionably should!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Anna Nilsson

Mandala Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on the Anna Virkpanna website here:

Unicorn Mandala

Info about these versions by Angelica Luzia and the photos are available on Ravelry here and here.


A crochet carpet like that will bring positive energy and so much light into every house. If you want to spice up your living room or your patio with an original handmade accessory, you have just come upon a perfect pattern. You can trust the designers behind DROPS studio blindly!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: DROPS design

Yellow Mandala Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on Garnstudio here:


Autumn Sun

These crochet wonders were designed as sitting mats, but you can easily transform them into rugs, wall decors, or centerpieces for your dining tables. This versatility is what makes projects like this one special! DROPS design never fails us, so this pattern’s awesomeness is no surprise.

Skills: upper beginner Designer: DROPS design

Mandala Rugs

The original pattern and the photos are available on Garnstudio here:

Autumn Sun

Camping in Cornwall Rug

Dedri Uys is the uncontested queen of color and floral motifs, undoubtedly. We admire this author’s creativity and always wait for new designs of hers. This beautiful rug came just in time for spring and summer! Do you sense its fresh charm? We certainly do!

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Dedri Uys

Crochet Mandala Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on Look at What I Made here:

Camping in Cornwall Rug

Retro Oval Rugs with Free Crochet Patterns

Who is in the mood for some retro vibes? In the world of crochet patterns, classic designs are always highly appreciated. If you are a master of lacework, these rugs will be easy as pie for you. If you are not, get ready for a challenge!

Midnight Star Mandala Rug

If you are a fan of simplicity and retro vibes, this version of Dorianna Rivelli’s mandala rug will surely make your soul sing. It is so beautiful, classic, and packed with rustic charm. If you want to become the queen of lacework, this pattern is for you as well!

Skills: intermediate Designer: Dorianna Rivelli

Crochet Mandala Rug

The original pattern and the photos are available on The Lavender Chair here:

Midnight Star Mandala Rug

Info about this version by Denise (dclark1004) and the photos are available on Ravelry here.

Oval Crochet Rug

This beautiful rug is made of a 4,5 mm polyester cord. Such a cord does not stretch like a normal crocheted cord, therefore it remains flexible and practical for projects of this kind. The polyester cord retains the shape very well and will continue to do so for years. Despite its “terrible” name – polyester – the cord is very practical. It is hypoallergenic, easier to wash and dry, and, most importantly, cheaper than a cotton cord. A carpet of the same size, crocheted with a cotton cord, will cost twice as much. The decision is up to you!
A Beaut Oval Rug Free Pattern

This beautiful pattern has been made in many versions. Take a look at these two colors below! So chic, aren’t they? The upper version is shown in the video tutorial, while the photo at the bottom comes from Rosane Zoch Leite. Which author inspires you the most? Let us know!

rug crochet free pattern

The original pattern is available on this website:

Oval Rug

The detailed photo tutorial is available on the Crochet Step by Step website here. The yellow rug photo was found on Pinterest here.

Take a look at the diagrams here:

Diagram1 A beaut oval rug free crochet pattern brown

Diagram2 A beaut oval rug free crochet pattern brown

Watch the video tutorial here: 

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  1. Where did you purchase your cord?

    1. elisha fulcher says:

      4 and 5 mm poly. cord is on Amazon.

  2. Any idea where to get the cord and how much is needed to make the rug?

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Again how much cord, and were can I buy it
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Beautiful, struggeling to get the patern. Can someone please assist

  5. Estelle de Lange says:

    I need the patern

    1. I believe its just the diagram. I don’t see a written pattern. Maybe one day there will be a written pattern. It is quite beautiful.

    2. The pattern is under the photo of the yellow one where it says click here click on the little + just before the click here

  6. sohini basu says:

    I love the charts, so that I can make the runner, thanks, pls send more dollies & runners bye

  7. Dorothy Linda Alcroft says:

    Thanks such a beautiful rug

  8. Preciso do grafico desse tapete pfv!

  9. The video link does not work

    1. I found it, scroll up, below the yellow rug you will see this:
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      Click here to read the article to the end in from top these word you will see a +. Click n that and you will get the pattern. I hope this is helpful.

  10. Beverly Smith says:

    How much cord? In yards please.

    1. Maurita Bartnikowski says:

      Converting the 2203 meters, you get 2410 yards.

  11. Anna+Smit says:

    Stunning! Stunning! Stunning!

  12. Hanka Zajanová says:

    Krásné, úžasné, jsem spokojená, že vidím tak krásnou práci moc děkuji za vzorečky ?

  13. Amazing – Very Beautiful!

  14. Francine J Boucher says:

    Can I use yarn for the beige rug? Maybe double it up if I need to. And what size hook?

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