Tunisian Feathers Crochet Pattern Free

 Tunisian crochet is a very useful and versatile stitch, not only for useful household items such as cloths and cushions, but for decorative purposes as well. These feathers are a great way to practice Tunisian crochet, and make a super addition to other decorations, such as the dreamcatcher below. They’re are quite simple to make… Read more

Pansy Flowers Crochet Patterns Free

foto: DecorAnna Why do we love pansies so much? Maybe because they can come in just about any colour you want? Maybe because we can have two-coloured ones? Or maybe just because they are simple and lovely? No matter the reason, as a crochet bouquet they look amazing. Make them in your favourite shades or try… Read more

Crochet Flowers Tutorial

There are lots of various flower patterns, but this one you love for its elegant appearance. I would see it as a simple but joyful decoration for a fancy diner. You can use it as an accent in any other crafts or decorations. It looks a little complicated, but will become clearer with the video… Read more