A collage of different knitted afghans and blankets, including a moss stitch blanket.

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Although is hot outside, cooler weather will soon prevail.

So, it’s definitely good to start making denser, warmer blankets . Thus, here are some moss stitch and blanket ideas. To summarize, these exhibit a solid texture and resemble a knitted fabric. Thus, with this relatively simple technique, you can achieve some pretty amazing effects, without going to a lot of effort of matching various stitches. Indeed, you can concentrate on the colors and patterning of the surface, without troubling yourself with the texture. After all, the moss stitch takes care of that. The resulting blankets will be dense, luxuriant and consequently absolutely perfect for wrapping up in on a cold evening.

Hydroponic Moss Stitch

This project uses the Madelinetosh yarn in Hydroponic colorway and an Antler colorway border. Should you add the border on just 2 edges, you’ll give it a super modern look.

hydroponic Moss Stitch

The project was based on Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket; full article about this pattern is on www.repeatcrafterme.com blog:

Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket

More info about Hydroponic Moss Stitch blanket project on Ravelry.

Mossy Miter Blanket

Here is another moss stitch project idea. As mentioned, it’s based on the Moss Stitch worked into a in a Square Blanket pattern by Sarah Zimmerman. The geometric illusion is super well conceived, and will undoubtedly draw in many an unwary eye. To summarize, the project uses Bernart pop yarn in ebony and ivory colorways.

moss stitch

The full article about this pattern is on  repeatcrafterme.com blog:

Moss Stitch in a Square Blanket

More info about Mossy Miter Blanket project on Ravelry.

Fall Colors Moss Stitch Blanket

Lastly, how about a fall-colored blanket? Of course, it’s great. You simply combine three things: the moss stitch, an off-white background and earth tone infill. Truly, it’s a fitting and beautiful piece for autumn.

Fall Colors Moss Stitch Blanket

The full article about this pattern is on daisyfarmcrafts.com blog:

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