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Griddle Stitch Projects and Free Crochet Patterns

It’s good to explore different texture choices

While we all have our regular staples, it’s good to explore new techniques. Therefore, here we’d like to focus on a griddle stitch project. In fact, here are two very different ones to show you how versatile this method is. Indeed, this stitch yields a fabulous texture that’s definitely tactile, but at the same time very pleasant and gentle.Moreover, this technique is also quite easy, so getting up to speed with it won’t be a chore. Of course, there are tips and tricks, but here we present two patterns that will show you how it’s done. To summarize, please come and explore this fabulous technique and increase your crocheting toolbox with us.

Aligned Cobble Stitch Anytime Tote

So, our first griddle stitch project is a handbag, or rather a tote. Overall, this is a classic flat-sided tote with “rope” handles. However, the griddle surface really gives it its own flair.

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on


Griddle Stitch Gingham Blanket

Here is a slightly modified and fun griddle stitch project with a lovely pattern of intersecting green stripes. The intersections additionally show intensified color, giving the blanket a more colorful look.

The full article about this pattern is here:

Griddle Stitch Gingham Blanket


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