A collage of four different handcrafted crochet blankets in various patterns and colors, including a granny square blanket.

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If you can think of one handmade item which is THE essence of crochet, it will definitely be a granny square blanket. 

Crocheting a granny square blanket is a timeless and rewarding craft that has been passed down through generations. Whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or a beginner looking for a new project, this is a delightful journey that results in a cozy and beautiful finished product. Let our guide walk you through the step-by-step process of crocheting your own granny square blanket. We’re certain this will be a lifelong love for you.

Types of Granny Square Blankets:

Granny square blankets come in various styles and designs, each offering a unique aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the most popular types of granny square blankets:

1. Traditional Granny Square Throw Blanket

This classic style features traditional granny squares encompassing clusters of double crochets separated by chain spaces. These squares are typically joined together to create a larger blanket. Traditional granny square blankets often use a mix of colors for a vibrant and playful look. In this, they can be like patchwork.

If you are a granny square newbie, before starting this blanket, learn how to make a classic granny square from the double crochet dc stitch: 

How to Crochet a Granny Square

Here is an example of a traditional granny square blanket:

A woman seated comfortably outdoors, wrapped in a colorful crocheted throw, holding an open book with the throw displayed on a chair nearby, highlighting a free crochet pattern.

Go to the free pattern on Yarnspirations. 

2. Solid Granny Square Blanket

In contrast to the traditional style, solid granny square blankets use the same color for each square. The resulting blankets are more uniform and cohesive. They can feature solid-colored squares or variations in shades of the same color for added depth and visual appeal. For the really adventurous, you can even lay out images or broader patterns with squares.

If you are a granny square newbie, before starting this blanket, learn how to make a solid granny square:

A step-by-step guide on How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square

Below is an example of solid granny square blanket:

Colorful granny square crochet blanket with a plate of battenberg cake, showcasing a free crochet pattern by sandra paul.

Go to the free pattern on Ravelry. 

3. Granny Stripe Blanket

Granny stripe blankets are made by crocheting rows of granny stripes rather than individual squares. Each row consists of clusters of double crochets worked into chain spaces, creating a wavy, striped effect. Granny stripe blankets can be made using a single color or multiple colors for a striped or gradient look.

Here is an example of one of the many types of granny stripe blanket patterns:

Colorful handmade granny stripe crochet blanket with associated pattern advertisement.

Go to the free pattern on Attic 24  More info on Ravelry. 

3. Single Square Granny Blanket

A variation that’s really neat and fun is a granny square blanket made from a single square. Instead of making many granny squares and joining them together, you are making only one, oversize square. You start in the middle of the blanket and add more and more rounds to make your blanket grow to the desired size. 

Handmade crochet baby blanket with a seafoam and grey color pattern, draped over a chair.

Go to the free pattern on Daisy Cottage Designs. 

4. Granny Square Afghan:

Afghan-style blankets often feature large, intricate granny square motifs with complex patterns and designs. These blankets may incorporate elements such as flowers, geometric shapes, or textured stitches for added visual interest. And, of course, colors… tons and tons of colors.

Below is an example of such afghan:Colorful crocheted blanket with geometric patterns spread on a floor.

Go to the pattern on Hooked On Sunshine. 

You can use any of the  30 Beginners’ Square Free Crochet Patterns to make an unique blanket.

Whether you prefer a classic, traditional look or a more modern and eclectic style, there’s a granny square blanket design to suit your taste and aesthetic preference. So, grab your crochet hook and yarn, and start crocheting your own beautiful granny square blanket today!

A collage showcasing a variety of colorful blankets in different patterns.

What are some easy baby blanket crochet patterns? 

A single square blanket made from one square which grows by increasing the row count is the easiest method to make granny blankets. A granny stripe blanket is also a very forgiving pattern that’s easy to follow. 

A classic granny square blanket will be perfect for you if you can crochet for a  short amount in between other activities, such as while waiting for a bus. You can make squares one-by-one and carry only a small amount of yarn with you at any given time.

How to Crochet a Granny Square Blanket

Step 1: Decide which type of a blanket you will make

The Granny Stripe Blanket and a single square Granny Square Blanket don’t require joining squares, so they should be made relatively easier than blankets made from many traditional or solid granny squares.

A collage demonstrating different crochet patterns for granny square blankets with instructional titles.

Step 2: Decide the size and shape

Decide the size and shape you will make. If you wish to make a rectangular blanket, it will be easier to make from rectangles or granny stripes. The finished size is easiest to adjust using a granny stripe pattern.

In blankets made of combined granny squares, the size will be determined by the size of the individual squares. Thus the total length of each side will be a multiple of the square size.

A standard size for a granny square is typically around 6-8 rounds, but you can make yours larger or smaller depending on your preference.

If you are making a square baby blanket, a granny square blanket (type 3) made from one square will be the easiest project to make.

Step 3: Gather all the materials

 Before we dive into the crocheting process,  you’ll need:

  • Yarn: Choose your favorite yarn in the colors of your choice. You can opt for a single color or multiple colors for a more vibrant look. Any worsted weight yarn will be a good yarn to start with.
  • If you are planning to design your own pattern (e.g. from yarn you already have, you can use on-line tools to help you with the design. I described those tools in my previous post – granny square color generators).
  • Crochet Hook: Select a crochet hook that corresponds to the weight of your yarn. A size H/8 (5.00mm) hook is commonly used for medium weight yarn.
  • Scissors: A good pair of scissors is essential for cutting yarn and weaving in ends.
  • Tapestry Needle: You’ll need a yarn needle for weaving in loose ends and joining granny squares.
  • Tape Measure: This will come in handy for ensuring your squares and a blanket are the desired size.

Step 4: Learn the basis

If you have never crocheted before, you don’t have to practice many stitches. You can speed up the process and jump to the tutorials on how to make a traditional granny square or how to crochet a solid granny square, according to the pattern chosen.

Step 5: Increase the Size

 Once you have made your first square, you are ready to move further. To make the traditional granny square blanket, continue with making all squares needed to get the desired size (as you have calculated it in the step 2).

If you have chose the single granny square method, continue adding rounds to your granny square, increasing the number of clusters and chain spaces with each round. You can stop increasing when your granny square reaches the desired size.

Step 6: Joining Granny Squares (Optional)

If you’re making a blanket composed of multiple granny squares, you can join them together using various methods such as single crochet, slip stitch, or whip stitch. Experiment with different joining techniques to find the one you prefer. Different projects will work best with different joining methods. Experiment with all of them!

Step 7: Adding the Border (Optional)

You can finish your blanket with a row of a single crochets.

Step 8: Finish Off

Once your granny square reaches the desired size, fasten off the yarn and weave in any loose ends using a yarn needle.


Crocheting a granny square blanket is a delightful and fulfilling project that allows you to unleash your creativity. At the same time you get the satisfaction of producing a cozy and timeless piece. Whether you’re making it for yourself, a loved one, or as a gift, the process of crocheting a granny square blanket is sure to bring joy and fulfillment. So, gather your materials, follow these simple steps, and embark on a journey of creativity and warmth!

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