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Bobble stitch blankets – beauty and texture

Although there are many crochet stitches, few render the amazing combination of texture and beauty that the bobble stitch does. In fact, this versatile technique is probably one of the most useful ones for those projects that require more than a flat, even surface. So, why not make a bobble stitch blanket for baby, for yourself or for that very special someone? Of course, if you don’t know this method, you may think the learning curve is a bit steep. However, it’s quite easy, really, so that even beginners can do this after a short run up.

Chunky Bobble Stitch Pillow Covers

While maybe it isn’t a bobble stitch blanket, this pillow cover is beautiful nonetheless. So, stylish clothes anyone?

bobble pillow covers scaled

The original pattern and the photos are available at :

Bobble Pillow Covers

Sensory Baby Bobble Blanket

Next, you can create an amazing bobble stitch blanket form bobble schematic schapes or labels. It’s a great idea to personalize a blanket according to your needs.

Bobble Blanket Idea

Although we don’t have exactly pattern for those blanket, you can create your own personalize blanket based on Baby’s ABC’s Free Crochet Patterns. See also Sarah Zimmerman

The original pattern and the photos are available on Instagram:

Canine The Bat

Photo ideas from favoritgarner and _crochetfairy_at Instagram.

Bobble Stitch Sheep Square

Of course, a bobble stitch blanket needn’t only be abstract. Thus, here is an actual pictorial design.

Bobble Stitch Sheep Square

The original pattern and the photos are available at Repeat Crafter Me :

Bobble Stitch Sheep Square

Bobble Stitch Letter Alphabet

Of cores, a bobble stitch blanket is also one you can write on. Don’t believe me? You can use a letter alphabet or bobble heart square pattern to your projects.

Bobble Stitch Alphabet

The original pattern and the photos are available at :

Bobble Stitch Letter Alphabet

Bobble Stitch Blanket

Next, here is another color idea for a baby.

Bobble Stitch Blanket

Photo ideas from babyblanketss at Instagram.

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  1. Brenda LaKing says:

    love to make your patterns

    1. Hello Brenda,

      We’re thrilled to hear that you love this pattern! For a Bobble Stitch Blanket, we suggest choosing soft, cozy yarn that’ll make those bobbles pop. Consider a variegated yarn for a playful effect without the need for numerous color changes. This collection of free crochet patterns has several bobble blanket options, each offering a unique texture and style. Don’t forget to share your finished blanket with us; we’d love to see your creation!

      Happy Crocheting!

      The Team

  2. I’m new here and I’d love to know if there’s an English free crochet pattern for a baby girl blanket with Bobble words.

    1. Hi Sharon, a link to the pattern you will find under it’s photo – click on the pattern name, for example The original pattern and the photos are available at Repeat Crafter Me :

      Bobble Stitch Sheep Square”

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