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How To Crochet a Textured Blanket Free Tutorials

It’s no wonder that these stitches are considered some of the most most beautiful
So, are you looking for an amazing texture blanbket for your next crochet project? We know you are, and therefore here are tutorials for one of the most eye-catching stitches: bobble and braided stitch. Indeed, both of them are extremely useful, so that when you master them you can add them to almost any project, or use them to make a blanket or winter hat. Moreover, they are also very customizable, so that they can really match any project ideally.

Bobble Stitch  Blanket Tutorial

Overall, the bobble stitch blanket is probably the ultimate crochet textured blanket. Undoubtedly, this texture works best with the appropriate color selection.

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Bobble Stitch BLanket

The full tutorial about this stitch is on Sirin’s Crochet Youtube channel:

Bobble Stitch  Blanket Tutorial


Braided Stitch Tutorial

However, the braided stitch is also another great technique for making a textured blanket. In particular, it’ll work great with earth tones.


The full tutorial about this stitch is on Claudetta Crochet Youtube channel:

Braided Stitch Tutorial


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Magazine Summer 2022

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Tammy l Kennedy 2 September 2021 at 9:26 pm

Beautiful pattern

Pam+Brown 2 September 2021 at 10:05 pm

I love both patterns but the braided one is definitely my favorite. I would think it would use a great amount of yarn though.


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