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Border for C2C Blanket Ideas and Free Crochet Patterns

C2C Border Ideas

It’s time to build your crochet chops.

While seasonal projects are all fine and dandy, it’s the general use, staple techniques that make or break the crocheter. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to learn and practice useful stitches. To this end, here are some borders for C2C blanket projects. C2C is a wonderful way of building up large projects with geometric designs. Overall, even though you do this manually it’s almost a digital way of crocheting. However, these projects need a great finish to be truly complete. This is best done by a great border. Better still, these edges can also match other projects as well, giving you possibility to versify your projects.

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Spring Into Summer Blanket

To begin with, this C2C blanket is a classic updated with a fun, rainbow pastel design. However, the real coup de grace is the tight, dense border with a crisp edge.

Designer: Susan Carlson

Spring into summer blanket

The original pattern and the photos are available on Felted Button blog:

Spring into Summer Blanket


Casserole C2C Blanket

Next, here is a slightly more classic design, but with a fancier border. In particular, I love this border’s change of texture.

Designer: Maria Bittner

Crochet Casserole C2C Blanket

The original pattern and the photos are available on Pattern Paradise blog:

Casserole C2C Blanket


C2C Meets Virus Blanket

Finally, here is a combination of C2C blanket and the Virus stitch. Without a doubt, this has to be the acme of blanket borders.

C2C Meets Virus Blanket

The pattern how to make C2C blanket you can find here.

How to make Virus blanket you can see on this Youtube tutorial here. You can also finish your blanket with a straight edge.

Photo source here.


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