Granny Spike Stitch Blanket Project Ideas and Video Tutorials

Granny Spike Stitch Blanket Project Ideas and Video Tutorials
Granny Spike Stitch Blanket

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Let us take granny crochet to the next level.

Although the granny stitch may be a little ho hum, here is a development that will certainly revitalize that old classic. Overall, the is a wonderful way of making a gently textured  but visually very interesting form. Moreover, the  technique is quite easy, so if you have mastered the granny stitch, the granny spike won’t be too much of a challenge. Furthermore, if you combine it with the right choice of colors, you will get a truly memorable and celebrated piece. Indeed, a simple blanket made in this way will be an artwork onto itself.

Baby Blanket

So, this first project is made using delicate rainbow colors and is perfect for babies. Consequently it’ll be perfect as a baby shower gift.

granny spike stitch blanketThe full Granny Spike Stitch Baby Blanket tutorial is here:

More info about project photographed –Blossom Crochet on Instagram.

Granny Spike Stitch Blanket in Rainbow

However, if you take more vidid colors and a deeper contrast, you get a project worthy of any designer interior. Consequently, this beautiful blanket will not look out of place in any setting.

Granny Spike Stitch Blanket

For more info about this project, please visit Hook and Chains on Instagram.

Granny Spike Stitch Blanket

Lastly, you can also use some clever discontinuity between colors and really vary up this pattern. Without a doubt, it is a very versatile technique.

granny spike stitch blanket

For more info about project photographed please follow  MillysMakes Instragram. You can learn how to make Crochet Granny Spike Stitch with Annie Design Crochet tutorial:

However if you would like to follow a written pattern, see the Granny Spike Stitch Blanket free pattern instructions by Annie Design Crochet.

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