A collection of cable blankets.

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Lines, they’re not only in color

So, the cable motif is a wonderful way of enriching the texture of a crocheted surface. Of course, it helps differentiate the base of a project from its decorations. However, it’s also a great design tool in its own right and can make fabulous, complex patterns that will be the focal point of your work. That said, you don’t need to go overboard either, and a simple weave of cables will give your project an elegant Celtic flair or tactile goodness. Moreover, the technique itself is very simple, and you will get the hang of it really quickly and be able to incorporate it into almost any design.

Celtic Tiles Blanket

Speaking of a Celtic flair, this cable motif project is one that incorporates a traditional square-based blanket and cable stitching that imitates Celtic knot work. Overall, I love the tactile aspect of this beautiful blanket.

Celtic Tiles Blanket

The full article about this pattern is on lillabjorncrochet.com blog:

Celtic Tiles Blanket

Cable Hexagon

However, a cable motif is not only knot work. Indeed, here is a beautiful cable rosette in the center of hexagonal panels that shows you how versatile this can be.

Cable Hexagon

The full article about this pattern is on  mypicot.com blog:

Cable Hexagon

Cable Dimond Blanket

Thirdly, here is a cable motif that is a bit reminiscent of knot work, but in a way deconstructed. Therefore, it has a much more modern and minimalistic appearance with a very au currant simplicity.

cable diamond blanket

The full article about this pattern is on  mycrochetory.com blog:

Cable Diamond Blanket

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