how to make and use a bullion stitch

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Have you ever heard about the bullion stitch? 

If not so much, you are in the right place! The bullion stitch is a very decorative 3D technique which is not widely popular, but definitely worth trying. I consider it one of the hidden gems among stitches.

A bullion stitch is essentially a cluster of loops which looks like wrapped rope. It’s very visually appealing and will make a unique accent for your project. 

What can a bullion stich be used for?

Bullion stich can be used as an accent, such as an accent row in a blanket or they can be grouped together to create intricate designs. You can also use it to crochet flowers or any textured patterns.  

Is the bullion stitch hard to learn? 

A bullion stitch is relatively easy to make, although it can be a bit tricky  at times. It definitely requires good tension control. While you master it, you can use it to add a beautiful touch to any of your ongoing crochet projects. Below, you will find a tutorial how to make it and many examples of how versatile it is and beautiful textures it can create. 

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Bullion Stitch

Here is an example of how a bullion stitch may look like when you use a few hues. With the author of tis video tutorial, Naztazia, you can learn  how to crochet the bullion stitch step by step with beginner friendly visual details.

Bullion Stitch Tutorial

Follow this detailed tutorial to learn how to make and master the bullion stitch:

How to Crochet Bullion Stitch

Here is another example of this pattern. This uses Willow Yarns Wash Worsted. This is a fabulous rainbow design perfect for a baby blanket. It’s called the Abacus Blanket and was designed by Susan Carlson.

how to use a bullion stitch

More info about this blanket you will find on Ravelry.

Rainbow Mix Blanket

Another example of how you may use this technique is the rainbow mix blanket. Here, the stitch creates solely the eye-catching texture underlining the centre of the blanket.

how to use a bullion stitch 2

The Rainbow Mix Baby Blanket was designed by Corinne Ward and is available on : Ravelry; photos: Ravelry.


Below a Rainbow blanket again with a very intriguing color choice. You can stay with non-vivid centre colors, but the pink hues added in gave this blanket a totally different look. Also, this time the stitch was used only as an accent in the centre of the blanket.


how to use a bullion stitch 3

The Rainbow Mix Baby Blanket was designed by Corinne Ward and is available on : Ravelry; photos: Ravelry.

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