Cupcake Crochet Stitch and Cupcake Case [Free Pattern and Video Tutorial]



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A year ago I went over a sweeping plan that utilized a cupcake line for the outskirt. Link to the written pattern is below .. See also our Capcake Case tutorial.

I generally remembered this adorable fringe for future activities. Today I at long last had sufficient energy to play around with this line. Underneath you can discover the means for making the cupcake fasten outskirt. More free crochet patterns? join our facebook group


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Cupcake Crochet Stitch – the Free pattern >> is here. Join us to get more inspirations ->> our Facebook group.  Please see also this lovely realization of that stitch and Cupcake Stitch Case Video Tutorial:

Cupcake Crochet Stitch, Cupcake crochet Case, Free Pattern
Photo: Crochet MC

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  1. Hello. I am following this pattern and have gotten to the part where I crochet 5 singles in each gap between cupcakes. The tutorial says I should end with the same amount I started with but I am not. I started with 165 stitches and ending with 140 stitches. I did it twice and happened the same way. What in the world am I doing wrong?

  2. The highlighted word (here) which is suppose to take me to the actual pattern does not work. How can i get the pattern?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. A link to the free pattern is under the NAME of the pattern at the end of the post or there is a name of a pattern + visit a PATTERN SITE”.

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