Crochet Pansy [Free Pattern]

foto: DecorAnna Why do we love pansies so much? Maybe because they can come in just about any colour you want? Maybe because we can have two-coloured ones? Or maybe just because they are simple and lovely? No matter the reason, as a crochet bouquet they look amazing. Make them in your favourite shades or try…
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The best Christmas Placemat and Place Mats with Pockets [Free Crochet Patterns]

It's amazing how much little decorations (like stitch placemats and table cloths) can upgrade the look of your home. They include a touch of eccentricity that encourages you to feel cozier in your own space. But more than that, there is something magical in Christmas decorations. They put you in a joyful mood, enhance your happiness…
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Shopping Bag [Free Crochet Pattern]

This awesome Shopping Bag is based on free crochet pattern. Channel the nautical pattern with Virginia Coppins' stripy sew sack. Utilizing five oceanic hues in rehashed stripes, raised join and basic half treble sew fastens, this cotton adornment will challenge your crocheted abilities and give you a brilliant summer pack that will be unendingly valuable.…
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