A collection of simple crocheted chickens.

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Cluck cluck!

Free Easter crochet patterns alert!

There is no other such great opportunity to make thematic decorations to your home as Easter. We love bunnies, eggs, chickens in summer yellow, orange and green colors.  There is also a room for plenty Easter-themed useful kitchen accessories, like towels, or Easter coasters.

While Easter bunny is the obvious Easter decor, what with eggs being the theme chickens are also a fitting decoration. Thus, here are some simple chicken ideas to get your fill of combs and wattles. As the title suggests, these are simple, fun and quick projects for chicken-themed decorations for your home and other projects.

Overall, each one is a fast little design that doesn’t require a lot of yarn or any exotic techniques. Indeed, all you need is your stash of yarn scraps, your favorite hook and a few hours. So much so, that just a couple episodes of your favorite show will let you whip up a whole hen house.

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Chicken Coaster

To start our easy chicken journey, here is a lovely hen coaster. He is just ready to accompany your drinks at the Easter table. Overall, I just adore its simplicity. Why not to skip traditional color scheme and make chicken coasters in some cool colors, like for example..mint?

Designer: Denton Foreman

Chicken Coaster

The original pattern and the photos are available on Ravelry:

Chicken Coasters

To see more details about yarn used to make mint-colored chicken coasters,  go here.

Chicken Square

While a simple chicken can be very chicken-y, here are some that are a little more abstract.

These ones are a whole lot simpler as well. Indeed, these l’il cluckers are made of a single square, sewn over in half and stuffed. Thereafter, you add beaks and wattles to taste.

If you are making a real chicken mixture, like here on the photo, its good to think about color combos. Make sure that you will check a color wheel to make a color matching mix.

Designer:   Fleur van Eijk

Chicken SquareThe original pattern and the photos are available on Ravlery:

Chicken Square

Little Chick Bean Bags

Finally, let’s simplify even further. To this end, here is a bean bag that actually stands up on its own. To summarize, the triangular shape is sewn together, stuffed and then decorated. Without a doubt, these will be perfect amongst the eggs in the egg basket.

Designer: Kara Gunza

Little Chick Bean Bags Free Crochet PatternThe original pattern and the photos are available on Petals to Picots blog:

Little Chick Bean Bags

More color ideas also on Ravelry..

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