Two pictures of knitted dolls and a lamp in a lighting project.

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Lights and crochet? Oh yes!

While crocheting is perhaps not the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking of illumination, it can certainly contribute some wonderful solutions. Indeed, crocheted overlays, sleeves and other lighting project ideas are a very worthwhile addition to your repertoire. Moreover, they are also super beautiful in their own right. Thus they can serve as a beautiful, elegant or fun accent in any decor or room. Better still, they are also great beginner projects that aren’t a blanket or a piece of clothing. Therefore, they will teach the newbie numerous new tips, tricks and techniques.

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Fairy Night Light

UPDATE: A written pattern is not longer available for free. However, you can still make this night light by following a 3-parts video tutorial on Youtube.

To begin with, the first lighting project is a night light crochet “skin”. Indeed, this one is absolutely adorable, and in addition to the free pattern can also be ordered as a kit with lights and all.

Fairy Night Light

The original pattern is available at Ravelry:

Fairy Night Light

Jar Cover

Next, this lighting project is a jar cover to give your tea lights that extra special mood. Of course, how complex these are is entirely up to you, but the shadows cast by the moving flame will be intricate and wonderful. In particular, the color of the yarn will also affect the overall ambiance of the light. Therefore, you will be able to really tune the mood in every corner and place.

Jar Cover

The original pattern is available at fondrari blogspot:

Jar Cover

more info about project photographed here.

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  1. Where is the fairy night light pattern? Is this just to get us to see your site and a bunch of bull??????

    1. A link to each pattern is under its photo; it’s usually the name of the pattern in blue.

      1. Belinda Prigge says:

        you did mention it was a free pattern but it isn’t. just curious about the misleading info

        1. A written pattern is not longer available for free. However, you can still make this night light by following a 3-parts video tutorial on Youtube.

  2. Revelry has discontinued the pattern and Etsy do not deliver the kit to the U.K. So please how do I get the pattern.

  3. Sylvia Watts says:

    can I pls 🙏 ask what PINDIY is

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