Double Thick Potholders

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Spring is the right time of year to finally make something for your home.  

Just after Easter, when there were lots of bunnies, eggs and Easter decorations, and a bit before the summer season and all the big summer tees and halter tops plans, finally you can have a bit of fun with quick home accessories. Thick potholders (also sometimes called as trivets or hotpads) will be functional, practical and can give an extra spin to your kitchen. Even better, they will  will be a great idea for a gift as well. Along those same lines, the patterns we show here are also quite easy, quick to make and highly customizable. Thus, each one of these can truly be your own.

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Double-thick Diagonally Crocheted Potholder

We all like to be prudent and resourceful, but at the same time fun. So, here is an amazing pattern to use up some yarn leftovers, this double-thick potholder will be fun to make. Using up different yarns ends, you will almost never ever get 2 potholders exactly the same. This makes each one of them unique and stylish.

Designer: Andrea Mielke

Double Thick Crochet Potholder

The original pattern and the photos are available on blog:

Crocheted Double-Thick Diagonal Potholder

more info about yarn and project also on Ravelry.

Ribbed Potholder

Sometimes texture is where it’s at! A ribbed potholder is made in one color, which underlines the intriguing stitches and gives your project a classy look. It’s also great for accessorizing, because you choose the one, right color for your decor.

Designer: Rebecca Langford

ribbed potholder scaled

The original pattern and the photos are available on Yarn +Chai blog:

Ribbed Potholder

Folded Potholder

While on the topic of monochrome, here is another stunner. In particular, I think that the combination of the crocheted loop and seam is super attractive. Also, the color palette shown is vibrant and fun, and perfect for spring.

Designer:  Michelle Gibbs

folded potholder scaled

The original pattern and the photos are available on The Boring Knitter blog:

Folded Potholder

more info also here.

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