20+ Free Crochet Easter Egg Patterns

20+ Free Crochet Easter Egg Patterns
Crocheted Easter Eggs

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Creating decorated eggs is a beloved custom, with endless possibilities for design, though they don’t even need to be real eggs. Alternative materials such as wood, plastic, metal, and marble have been used. However, crocheted eggs have a timeless charm that is sure to be enjoyed. It’s also a great idea for Easter gifts if you don’t what to buy more plastic eggs or chocolate easter eggs.

But why we do have Easter Eggs?

The egg is a symbol of beginning, new life, and rebirth, so its perfectly complements Easter  traditions. Although the tradition of dyed eggs matches Easter perfectly, it has ancient pagan traditions that were later incorporated into Christian practices.

The first discovered dyed eggs comes form Mesopotamia. The dyed egg tradition was also known in Ancient Rome. In pre-Christian Europe, eggs were often decorated and given as gifts during spring festivals as a symbol of this renewal.

Later, this tradition was adopted by Christianity.  Over time, the practice of decorating and hiding eggs during Easter became more widespread, and today it is a popular tradition in many parts of the world.

How to make crochet easter egg?

Just pick your favorite pattern from the 20 free crochet easter egg patterns or free video tutorials below, find a yarn in Easter colors (pastel shades work well), and pick up a matching crochet hook to start your crochet project immediately. Additionally, you will also need scissors and a stuffing material such as fibrefill or cotton balls. A stitch marker won’t be necessary.

What is the easiest crochet Easter project for beginners?

The easiest project for beginners will be a simple, flat shape made with basic stitches. 2D-shaped eggs are exactly like that. A flat shape will be easy to follow and quick enough for inexperienced crocheter. It’s is also based on single crochet stitches.

So, you can’t decide whether to make bunnies or eggs for Easter?

Pick one of these adorable free crochet bunny pattern in the shape of egg and combine the best of both worlds! If you run out of time before Easter, consider making only bunny ear egg cover. Every kid and grown-up will love such an adorable and funny gift. While they may be a bit silly, we all need a little whimsy in our lives and these will definitely tickle that fancy.

If fact the best free patterns for easter eggs with ears and egg covers you will find later in the post under the headline: Bunny Easter Eggs and Bunny Ears Cover for Eggs Free Crochet Patterns.

So here is our top 20+ list:

20+ Absolutely the best Easter Egg Free Crochet Patterns

Oval Easter Eggs Free Crochet Patterns

1. Small Eggs

First, we start the list with these small ones, 1.6 inches long. As you can see, they are great in dozens, done in real egg colors.

Skills: Easy  Designer:  Elena Dorogina

Crocheted Small Easter EggsThe full article about this pattern is here:

Small Eggs

2. Mini Easter Egg 

However, you want to make colored eggs, here are some simple ones with vibrant, monochrome shells.

Skills: Easy.  Designer:    Charlotte Perution

Crocheted colourful mini easter eggsThe full article about this pattern is here:

Mini Easter Eggs

3. Ami Easter Egg 

Next, here are some of the patterns, with lovely, subtle flowers which will be perfect to decorate your Easter Sunday dinner table especially when making getty images for social-media :).

Skills: Easy Designer:    Zeens & Roger

Crocheted Easter Eggs with floral motifsThe full article about this pattern is here:

Ami Easter Eggs

4. Floral Easter Eggs

Next, is a beautiful idea for your Easter table. These floral eggs are an easy and quick project for an effective and attractive Easter-themed insert for a tabletop or sideboard Easter montage, wreath or other accessory.

Skills: Easy DesignerEmma Escott