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So, it may not be Valentine’s Day for a long time, but a heart is a good pattern all year round. Of course, there are many ways to crochet a heart motif, and ten times that many places where you can use them. Therefore, we thought it would be fun to collate 5 crochet heart patterns to get you to express your love for the people and things around you. Indeed, there is little you can’t make more beautiful, cheerful and fun with a little heart applique or shape. Thus, without further ado, here are some ways to love up with some crocheted tickers.

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Heart Coaster

To begin with, here are some heart coasters to brighten up your table. Overall, this is a very summery start to our 5 crochet heart collection.

Heart Coaster

The original pattern and the photos are available at Atty’s blog:

Heart Coaster

The Hearts Of Hope

Next, our 5 crochet heart collection is enhanced by these rainbow hearts of hope. Indeed, when the world is in a bad way, a hearty bright spot is what is needed.

The Hearts Of Hope Coasters

The original pattern and the photos are available at Ravelry:

The Hearts Of Hope

Crochet Heart in a Circle

Next, not all of our 5 crochet heart patterns are heart-shaped. Indeed, here is one where the central heart motif is surrounded by concentric circles of beautiful gradient colors.

The original pattern and the photos are available at Repeat Crafter Me:

Crochet Heart in a Circle

Crochet Hearts Diagram

Of course, you cant have a 5 crochet heart collection without anything lacy. Therefore, here is a airy, lacy one to delicately grace any display or item.

The original pattern and is  available at Drops Design. The diagram for this pattern is available at Handmade_by_asana on Instagram: Crochet Heart

Sweetheart Soiree

Finally, we continue the theme of lace hearts, combined to make a beautiful doily. To summarize our 5 crochet heart collection, this is a most fitting completion.

Sweetheart Soiree

The original pattern and the photos are available at Draiguna blog:

Sweetheart Soiree

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  1. Martha Nicholson says:

    I would love to make your crochet hearts but no instructions are available! If you put it on Pinterest ,please, put the instructions on there also! Not every one want to be on all the social media sites!!!

    1. A link to each pattern is underneath its picture. It is usually the name of the pattern in blue color.

  2. Not true. Click on the one second from the bottom. If you want it, you have to sign up for instagram.

  3. Kathleen M says:

    I am tapping the name below the picture also, and the pattern doesn’t come up. My mom is over 90 and has been crocheting since about 7 and would LOVE this pattern. help

    1. If it’s a pattern from the Instagram, there a tiny arrows on the photos you have to scroll to get to the next page.

  4. As Agyness said, click on the arrows on Instagram. The patterns/charts are there. No account needed (I don’t have one and can see the patterns). The patterns can not be posted here in their entirely because of a little thing called copyright. Y’all should be nicer to others.

    Thank you for the round up!

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