A Free Pattern Full of Ghosts

A Free Pattern Full of Ghosts
Ghost Halloween Doily

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One pattern, lots of possibilities

With just this one pattern you can decorate your entire house for Halloween! Universal? Oh my, yes! In spades. Thanks to the creativity of crocheters, you can create a doily, a bowl or wall hanger or whatever else your imagination comes up with.

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Ghost Doily

First up is an oh, so scary, ghost doily. This is a beautiful, lacy item with diaphanous, translucent  ghosts. So perfect for showing off your Halloween spirit (pun intended!).

Ghost doily

The photos and the full pattern you can get on Ravelry:

Ghost Doily

Boo Bowl

This bowl is incredibly impressive. When starched with a cup of cold water and 1 tablespoon starch, it can be a candy bowl to impress trick-or-treaters… or your fancy costume party guests.

Boo Bowl

The  full pattern is based on Boo Doily, more info about ajustment you will find here.

Boo Wall Hanager

And once again, here is the same pattern but in a different use.  If you spread it on a round hoop, it will be a great wall hanger to use anywhere in a house. You can hang it on a wall, a fireplace or in a window. If you put a source of light behind, you will also get amazing shadows on the wall.

Boo Wallhanger

The  full pattern is based on Boo Doily, more info about adjustment you will find here.


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