Day of the dead crochet skull garland for Halloween.

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As we head into the fall with Halloween approaching:

Of course this entails that creepy decorations are in, and this means means skulls! So, here is a collection of Halloween skull patches and appliques. While there are some wonderful projects for skulls, these are particularly wonderful because you can use them to express your “esprit de corpse” all over everything. To this point, you can take one of these patched and apply them to just about any surface you can think of. Indeed, let no backpack go unskulled. Finally, they are quite easy so that even beginners can show off their Halloween spirit.

Day of the Dead Skull

To begin with, one take on the season is the Mexican Dia de Muertos, and skulls are a prominent part of its celebrations. So, why not enhance your Halloween skull patches with some Day of the Dead themed-skulls?

Skills: upper beginner Designer: Kristin Canganelli

Day of the Dead SkullGo to the pattern:

Day of the Dead Skull

more info about project photographed on Ravelry.

Halloween Skull Garland

Next, depending on the shape of the eye sockets, you can give these skulls some amazing and very different expressions. So, whether you need your Halloween skull patches to look evil, happy or surprised, these garlands have you covered… or strung up. Boo!

Skills: beginner   Designer:  See Love Share

Halloween Skull GarlandGo to the pattern:

Halloween Skull Garland

Skull Patch

Next, this Halloween skull patch also has a slightly Mexican flavor and is based on a Skull Shawl pattern by kungen och majkis. Overall, I love the stylized appearance and the great variety.

Skull Patch

Go to the pattern:

Skull Shawl Free Pattern and more info about project photographed on Ravelry.

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  1. Angelique says:

    Those angry eyed skulls could be made into storm troopers without the teeth, at least that’s what I see.

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