Four pictures of crocheted pots with plants in them, featuring unique basket covers.

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Basket covers are a great way to decorate.

Indeed, it’s easy to add some much needed pizzazz to boring old flower pots, bowls and planters with a crocheted basket cover. Indeed, there is no limit to the number of fun, creative and attractive designs you can make to brighten up just about any corner or windowsill. Thus, here are some ideas for basket covers that will be perfect for a flower pot, a vase or other item that you may want to cover or dress up. Moreover, these are very simple projects, so if you are a beginner you needn’t fear getting into them. Lastly, they will also make great presents, such as for example for a housewarming.

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Julie Basket

To begin with, here is a basket cover that’s simple to make, has a wonderful texture and really plays well with many colors. The author calls it addictive, and I totally understand why.

Julie Basket

The original pattern and the photos are available on Sincerely Pam:

Julie Basket

Vernon Planter Cover

Next, this basket cover is a denser, stiffer one. Therefore, in addition to hiding unsightly flower pots, this can be used as a standalone basket. Even better, the stripes mean that you can use yarn odds and ends, without having to break out new skeins. So, you can now make room for even more yarns from your local gettin’ spot.

vernor planter cover scaled

The original pattern and the photos are available on Vernor Planter Cover:

Vernon Planter Cover

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