Shell-shaped Table Centrepiece [Free Crochet Pattern-Digram and Video Tutorial]

Today, I would like to introduce this amazing pattern - the shell-shaped Table Centerpiece. Below are photos from the most amazing realisation. The centrepiece in the top photo was created by the Brasilan Artist Cristina Vasconcelos. The lowermost photo in the above collage is a realisation of the pattern called 'Muschelform' by H. Toprak. The…
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Crochet Pansy [Free Pattern]

foto: DecorAnna Why do we love pansies so much? Maybe because they can come in just about any colour you want? Maybe because we can have two-coloured ones? Or maybe just because they are simple and lovely? No matter the reason, as a crochet bouquet they look amazing. Make them in your favourite shades or try…
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