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A granny bag and a bag on a mannequin.

Granny Bag Ideas For This Summer

Fall may be around the corner, but we’re not done with summer yet. So, here are some granny bag ideas to help you stay in that summertime spirit. Indeed, who knows, you may even choose to keep it up through the fall and winter, all the way until the sunny days roll around again. Additionally,…

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Square bag crocheted by hand.

Square Bag Free Crochet Patterns

Don’t let the name mislead you. These bags aren’t square at all. So, while fancy shapes and stitches come and go, we turn to crocheted squares like on old friend. Indeed, they ARE an old friend, and here we’ll show you that a square bag is about as fun and exciting as any crochet bag…

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A drawstring bucket bag with a tassel.

Drawstring Bucket Bag Free Crochet Patterns

Is it a bucket? Is it a bag? Dunno, but you can sure put lots of things in it! Since the summer holidays are approaching us quickly, so we’ll need capacious, fun bags to carry around our beach things. What things, you may ask, and indeed, these are many. Of course there are such staples…

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A collection of yarn in a basket.

2-in-1 Easy Bag and Yarn Basket Free Crochet Patterns

It’s bags galore one YC today. Certainly, bags are a very variable and diverse group of projects, but they are all very useful and handy to have around. To continue the theme, I would therefore like to present some easy bag and yarn basket patterns. After all, what could be better than crocheting to further…

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Crochet Tote and Bags Ideas

Summer Tote and Bag Ideas

Let’s cary our things with pride. Since summer will be upon us soon, it’s high time to make to explore summer tote and bag ideas. However, it’s also really important that these projects be light, airy and fun. Therefore, we have put together some projects that really excel in these categories. Of course, the patters…

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Crochet animal blanket.

Animal C2C Blanket Ideas and Free Patterns

We did seashell carpets, here are seashell bags While it’s not every day that you can Segway from carpets to clothing accessories, I say why not? After all, if it is a feel-good thing to bring the seaside home, it’ll certainly be great to take it out on the town. So, here we have some…

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A seashell-shaped crochet bag.

Seashell Bag Free Crochet Patterns

We did seashell carpets, here are seashell bags While it’s not every day that you can Segway from carpets to clothing accessories, I say why not? After all, if it is a feel-good thing to bring the seaside home, it’ll certainly be great to take it out on the town. So, here we have some…

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Crochet Easter baskets

Free Crochet Easter Basket Patterns for Spring

In light of the approaching holiday, here are some Easter Basket Ideas to help you decorate the home and to help your little ones gather as many eggs on Easter Sunday as their little hands will carry. Indeed, it’s hardly worth it going into the backyard, if your arms are not bending under the weight…

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Plastic Bag Holder

Animal Plastic Bag Holder Keeper Free Crochet Patterns

Don’t ever throw grocery bags when you can reuse them. Actually I don’t think that anyone throws out plastic bags nowadays. They are excellent as kitchen or bathroom garbage bin inserts and you can always use them on your next shopping trip. However, if you are a heavy shopper and your hoard bags quicker than…

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Valentine Teddy Bear Free Crochet Patterns

Valentine’s Teddy Bear Free Crochet Patterns

It’s time for some bear necessities. Valentine’s day is ever closer, therefore it’s high time to get a-crocheting. However, how many heart appliques and candy bags can one body handle? There is a limit! Thus, why not do something a little more ambitious, like Valentine’s bear? To that point, these valentine Teddy bear patterns are…

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Face Scrubbies

Face Scrubbies Free Crochet Patterns

Homemade accessories: everything you need, and only things you need. Cosmetics accessories are a very personal thing, and homemade versions of those you normally purchase are therefore preferable. However, homemade does not have to LOOK homemade, and consequently can outshine store-bought in every way. These free crochet patterns for face scrubbies are just the thing…

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Two pictures of crocheted cupcakes and coins.

Sweet Toddler Bag Purse Free Crochet Patterns

The joy of giving is in the gift, but the wrapper as well Here are free crochet patterns for sweet kid or toddler bag or purse shaped like sweets themselves. Isn’t that so thematic? These purses are all easy and fun projects you could do with the kids. After all, how good would it be…

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Two pictures of crocheted snowman and Santa Claus in a Christmas gift bag.

Christmas Gift Bag Free Crochet Patterns

It’s not only the gift, but how you wrap it. That’s doubly true at Christmas, when the giving is mots crucial. Therefore, following on decorating and stocking stuffer ideas fo crocheting, here are some ideas for Christmas-themed gift bags. These are easy projects to make, and consequently it won’t be a big burden for you…

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A collection of crochet bags.

Knot or String Bag? Free Crochet Ideas

A knot or string closure is to bags what shaken or stirred is to martinis. It’s such an individual matter of preference. However, each one can be “the most comfortable bag” to its owner, so here are some patterns to help you make that choice. Regardless of whether you prefer one or the other, each…

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Plant Hanger Free Crochet Pattern

Plant Hanger Free Crochet Patterns

Hanging baskets are back in! Now you can redesign your space by making these lovely plant hanger and filling them with some plants. However, if plants are not your thing, you can make storage baskets for plenty of items. Thus, you can use them to store yarn, towels, scarfs, plastic bags and etc. In fact,…

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Masa Bag

Crocheted Masa Bag Free Pattern and Project Ideas

Any season is the right season for an open bag… well, perhaps with the exception of a snowy winter 😉 Open bags are great, because all your stuff is easily accessible, close to hand and easy to put back. Those of us who have simultaneously struggled with a wallet, a phone and car keys as…

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A group of crocheted cats sitting on The Best Crochet Kitty table.

The Best Crochet Kitty Free Patterns

Kittens are so unbelievably cute! I bed you won’t disagree! Everyone loves these adorable little fuzzballs. Moreover, they’re also a great theme for crocheting, because you can make them out of simple shapes and customize them with different accessories. Lastly, if you want to bond with your kids, kittens would be the perfect topic to…

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A crocheted mouse with a cat applique.

Easy Mouse and Cat Applique Free Crochet Patterns

Cats and mice… What better way to decorate your crocheting than with creatures as old as storytelling? Cats and mice have been chasing one another in stories, movies, cartoons and books since forever. They’ve been friends and they’ve been enemies, as well as frenemies. If Tom and Jerry were a favorite cartoon of yours, then…

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Water Baloons

Water Balloons Free Crochet Patterns

It’s June and the weather’s getting hot. While keeping cool is a priority, keeping kids entertained is also vital, both for their sanity and yours. One fun way to combine both are water balloons. After all, what can be more fun than throwing water-filled bags at someone in the heat. Thus, while it’s fun to…

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The best market bags

5 Best Market Bag Free Crochet Patterns

What’s the cure for having too many crocheted shopping bags around the house? Why, of course, it’s getting even more crocheted shopping bags in your house! They are such a fun project to take on, because you can never have too many: a few for the house, a bunch in the car, and another one…

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Beach Bag Free Patterns

Crochet Beach Bag Free Patterns

  It’s time to hit the beaches, which means taking all your sand & surf necessities with you. To do that, you need the right tote, and a crochet beach bag is the very best way of doing this. Apart from that, they are a perfect combination of the timeless classic and modern snazz. Therefore,…

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Crochet Project Bag

Crochet in Public Bag Free Patterns

Some of the greatest crochet projects are patterns for items that support further crocheting. It’s a self-generating hobby! Although we are often out and about, crocheting is always on. Sometimes, when you’re sitting with a coffee or in a park, it would be nice to have your hooks and yarn handy so that you could…

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Two pictures of a crochet bag and knitting needles.

The Versatility of the Apache Tear Stitch

The Apache Tear stitch is a wonderful technique for making geometric designs in crochet. The resulting patterns are absolutely mesmerizing and gorgeous, especially when coupled with the correct choice of colors. The Apache Tear will work, of course, with a garish, hippy-trippy color scheme, but it really comes into its own when you work it…

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Beach Bags

Crochet Bag Perfect for the Beach, Free Patterns

Crocheted beach bags are just about the most traditional way to carry your necessities to the surf and sand. Sun tan lotion, eye glasses, a towel and a good book? Yep. These bags have you covered, and they do it in a timeless style that is loved by all. So, whether your sense of style…

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Market Bag

Market Bag Free Crochet Patterns

Shopping bags are a fun project to take on, because you can never have too many: a few for the house, a bunch in the car, and another one to carry around in your tote bag, just in case. Aside from that, they are simply fun to experiment with, as well as being a very…

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Adorable Amigurumi Chicks

Lovely Amigurumi Chicks Free Patterns

When spring is right around the corner, all every amigurumi-lover can think about are sweet rabbits, hares, chickens, and ducklings. With this in mind, we have created this exciting collection for Adorable Amigurumi Chicks today to officially open the season for these lovely crochet creatures. You can start working on Easter decorations right away to make…

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Earbud Holder Free Crochet Pattern

Earbud Holder / Pouch Free Crochet Patterns

Crocheting is such a great craft, because so often it allows the classic to meet the ultra-modern. In these connected times, pretty much everyone carries a pair of earbud headphones for their phone. These get tossed into bags, pockets and purses and get tangled, dirty or worn out in short order. Yes! Crocheting can prolong…

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Moss Stitch or Linen Stitch Ideas

Moss Stitch and Linen Stitch Ideas

Stitches like the one we are introducing to you today are popular not only because they are simply beautiful. Their power lays in versatility as well. They are great no matter what stage of your crocheting journey you are at. Perfect for beginners, as it is basically a setup of basic stitches – chain and…

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Dragonscale Bag Free Crochet Pattern

Draw String Bag Purse Free Crochet Patterns

Bags made in the shape of other items are a fun way to carry around your daily necessities, and a great way to liven up your crocheting. XL Dragonscale (Dice) Bag Free Crochet Pattern The Dragonscale dice bag is for those of you, or your kin that are gamers and for their increasingly complex gaming…

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Cute and Easy Amigurumi Keychains Free Crochet Pattern

Cute and Easy Amigurumi Keychains

We have always known that amigurumi is the most adorable kind of crochet projects out there, haven’t we? What some of us might not be aware of is that some amigurumi projects can also be very practical. I certainly did not know that before I found these Cute and Easy Amigurumi Keychains. My world has…

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