A drawstring bucket bag with a tassel.

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Is it a bucket? Is it a bag? Dunno, but you can sure put lots of things in it!

Since the summer holidays are approaching us quickly, so we’ll need capacious, fun bags to carry around our beach things. What things, you may ask, and indeed, these are many. Of course there are such staples as sunglasses, sunscreen and your phone. However, a big solid drawstring bucket bag will carry also carry books, water and the kitchen sink. More than that, however, it will do it in style and be super fun to make. Additionally, depending on how you set it out, you can also use these as stash busters for using up accumulated yarn ends.

Summer Slice Drawstring Bag

Overall, this drawstring bucket bag is a classic of the type. However, even though it’s a traditional design, it’s fun colors and decorative tie give it a modern, beach-going appearance.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Kathy Olivarez

summer bag

The full tutorial about this pattern you will find on blog.clover.usa.com:

Summer Slice Drawstring Bag

Bucket Bag

Secondly, here is another drawstring bucket bag. This one, however, is done in a more elegant style that would not be out of place at an outing in the city.

Skills: easy      Designer:  Cintia Gonzalez

summer bucket bag

The full article about this pattern is on mypoppet.com :

Bucket Bag

more info about molly.k.made project you will find on Instagram.

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