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Daily Crochet News: Quick and Cute

Daily Crochet News: Quick and Cute Free Crochet Patterns

Find your crochet hook and prepare your stash, because I’ve got fresh compilation of great free patterns up for grabs. Today’s theme is quick and easy projects – perfect to pull off in one evening or two. Appliques, little amigurumis and accessories will work perfect as last-minute gift ideas, too! Be sure you have saved them in your library for later. Festive themes are still visible, as gingerbread men and spooky bats are trending strong, but home accessories make the appearance, too. Bowl cosy will be a lovely addition to your kitchen collection, and lotus leaf coasters will transform your everyday table into a piece of art. Links to free patterns are under the pictures. 


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Gingerbread Man Crochet Applique Free Pattern

Gingerbread Man Crochet Applique Free Pattern

Classic Christmas time motif – gingerbread man, this time is here as an applique. You can sew it onto whatever you like, so don’t hesitate and decorate your hats, aprons, bags with it! It would be a good idea to add it to presents, too. 

Read more and go to the pattern:

Gingerbread Man Crochet Applique

Cutie Pocket Bat Free Crochet Pattern

Cutie Pocket Bat Free Crochet Pattern

Tiny amigurumi bats won’t scare anybody, but they will be amazing as a little Halloween decor. Give them to your guests or join together to make a garland.

Go to the pattern:

Cutie Pocket Bat

Lotus Leaf Free Crochet Pattern

Lotus Leaf Free Crochet Pattern

Simple circular coaster can become a lotus leaf, when paired with this fantastic flower. Adding such nice decoration to your table can make it look fresh and stylish.

Go to the pattern:

Lotus Leaf

Coin Purse Free Crochet Pattern

Coin Purse Free Crochet Pattern

This little purse will hold all the knick-knacks that are constantly getting lost in the depth of your bag. You can also use it as a keychain!

Go to the pattern:

Coin Purse

Cotton Bowl Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

Cotton Bowl Cozy Free Crochet Pattern

Simple invention like cotton bowl cozy can make your life easier. Just hold the corners, so you don’t have to burn your fingers when moving the bowl full of hot soup.

Go to the pattern:

Cotton Bowl Cozy

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karen linkous 13 October 2019 at 10:07 pm

They are all cute

Jennifer Morgan 13 October 2019 at 10:37 pm

These are all adorable. I could make these sometime in the near future


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