Easy Crochet Sunhats

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Summer adventures would be much less enjoyable if you haven’t protected your head properly. We all know about applying sunscreen and the effects of long exposure to the sun, but do we think about protecting our head and face? Not nearly enough! Reusable water bottle, hat and breathable clothing should be first three things on our packing list, wherever we go. Carrying wide brimmed sunhat on a long flight can be uncomfortable, because they are usually big and you just have to keep in on your head or on your lap. With crocheted hats, in most cases you can gently fold them, so that they fit in a pocket or a bag. You can make your own sunhat, even if you are just a beginner, because there are so many Easy Crochet Sunhats patterns available for free online. What color and materials will you choose? Bright yellow or natural jute? There are plenty of options! Explore possibilities or create your own unique design for summer. Check out the examples below and get inspired! Links to free patterns are under the pictures.

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Easy Crochet Sunhats

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Valerie’s Summer Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Valerie's Summer Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This delicate and feminine sunhat works up very quickly. Add a flower to make it even more beautiful.

Go to the pattern: Valerie’s Summer Sun Hat

Makin’ Lemonade Sunhat Free Crochet Pattern

Makin' Lemonade Sunhat Free Crochet Pattern

Lovely design of this sunhat makes it suitable for all ages.

Go to the pattern: Makin’ Lemonade Sunhat

Color Splash Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Color Splash Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Colorful ribbed detail on this sunhat utilizes multicolored yarn in the best way possible.

Go to the pattern: Color Splash Sun Hat

Let the Sun Shine Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Let the Sun Shine Sun Hat Free Crochet Pattern

If you don’t like fussy designs, go for this one. It’s simple and clean, with nice rope detail.

Go to the pattern: Let the Sun Shine Sun Hat

Raffia Beach Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Raffia Beach Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Big brim will cover not only your face, but also neck and shoulders.

Go to the pattern: Raffia Beach Hat

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