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Some of the greatest crochet projects are patterns for items that support further crocheting. It’s a self-generating hobby! Although we are often out and about, crocheting is always on. Sometimes, when you’re sitting with a coffee or in a park, it would be nice to have your hooks and yarn handy so that you could push your projects forward. Well, that’s not always possible with ordinary bags and a summer dress just doesn’t have enough pockets. So, why not crochet up a handy yarn tote that will keep your supplies as you work up the next big thing? To get you going here are a few bags to draw upon.

Crochet in Public Bag Free Crochet Pattern

The Crochet in Public bag is a handy, wide mouthed and round bottomed bag that will hold your yarn in a facile way, allowing it to gently slide out as your project grows. It’s a lovely, classically stitched project that will be a great way to practice your craft all the while you make something useful for subsequent projects. Stylize and personalize this wonderful and easy accessory to match your crocheting panache.
Skills:  Easy    Designer: Bethany Dearden
Crochet in Public Bag
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Little Acorn Project Bag Free Crochet Pattern

For something a little fancier, but no less easy, why not try the Little Acorn project bag? This is a lovely, stylized project bag that will keep enough yarn for most projects (or project stages for larger patterns) and is absolutely adorable to boot.This is a slightly different design, with stiffer sides, but shares the main common feature of crocheting project bags: a round bottom that allows balls of yarn to unwind as you make your project, without having them unroll uncontrollably on a surface. Compact, handy AND beautiful. What could be better?
SkillsEasy        Designer Brigitte Read
Little Acorn Project Bag
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The full article about this pattern is here:

Little Acorn Project Bag

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