Pretty in Pink Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Pretty in Pink Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

It's a bobble hat/beanie. It's pink, it's got stripes and a pom-pom. There's simply no way to go wrong with this one. Keep her head warm and stylish, with little effort. Enjoy! And, of course, pink is not a prerequisite. Go your own way with the colors, if pink is not your thing. Available sizer… Read more
Brugge Beanie Slouch Free Crochet Pattern

Brugge Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Brugge is a city in Belgium with a rich history and lots of things to do and see. And, what better way to visit in winter than in the eponymous Brugge beanie? It’s warm, cozy and very stylish. Heck, you don’t even need to visit Brugge, just have a little piece of it at home.… Read more
Cobblestone Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Cobblestone Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Here is a beautiful toque with a fuzzy pom-pom on top. This one is at once stylish AND playful. The neat thing is that the fuzzy, fur-like pom-pom will work really well with any color you choose to make the hat in, but strong, vibrant hues will really make it shine. The interesting weave-like texture… Read more
Give it a Whirl Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Give It a Whirl Hat Free Crochet Pattern

If you are bored with most beanie hat patterns, try this one. Give It a Whirl Hat has an interesting texture and is quite eye-catching. The pattern is designed to make an adult sized hat, but also includes specific instructions for adjusting it for smaller or larger size. The colors are up to you, but… Read more
2019 C2C Hat Free Crochet Pattern

2019 C2C Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Down with the king, long live the King! As 2018 draws to a close it's time to ring in the new year. What better way to go and enjoy the New Year's fireworks than with a warm wooly hat that celebrates 2019. The pattern is easy, quick to make and can be modified to suit… Read more
Reversable Hat

Milestone Journey Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful hat pattern is just right for the season. It is not too terribly difficult, and the end result is attractive and elegant. The steel grey hat is wonderfully offset by the fuschia inner liner and decorative bands. While you can choose any color combination you like, you will do well to keep this… Read more

The Xoxo Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This spectacular hat will be perfect addition to your winter outfit. Bobble Stitch and Half Double Crochet two stitches together makes a texture diversified and gives it an intricate look, but don't worry if you are not familiar with these stitches. They are well explained in the pattern. THe Xoxo Slouch Hat is finished with the… Read more
Basic Brimmed Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Basic Brimmed Beanie Hat Free Crochet Pattern

It is a very easy and quick beanie pattern. It is made using the basic double crochet stitch and works up very fast. The rainbow hues are definitely popular these days, but feel free to match the colors to your taste and clothing. Good project for beginners. Link to a free pattern is below. You may also like:… Read more

The Tempest Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

When all becomes grey and dull, we should be looking for something colorful to brighten the ambience. This beanie is eyecatching not only for its colors, but also for its texture. It is one of those hats, which will be perfect with a coat, parka or snow-suit. Although the pattern in adult size, multiples are… Read more

Bead Stitch Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

I love this: a slightly slouchy hat with a lot of texture. Although this hat combines a few crochet stitches, it it quite easy to make. Rounds of bead stitch and half double crochet are combined and finished with post-stitch ribbing and a faux fur pom pom on top. I also love the color of the… Read more
Anabelle Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Anabelle Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Beanies! Beanies! Getchore red hot beanies here! There are a lot of patterns for beanies out there, but only some are worthy of crocheting. This one is one of those. Stylish, elegant, but with a fluffy texture and cozy feel it will definitely be a favorite with the little and big little women in your… Read more
Illusion Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern

Illusion Slouch Hat Free Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for a new intriguing pattern for a winter hat, you don't have to look any further. This Illusion Slouch Hat has an eye-catching design and will be all you need if you want to try something new. Although it may look complicated, the Illusion Hat Pattern is easy to make and… Read more