Two turkey hats photographed.

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It’s coming up on the end of the year, and we’re in the home stretch approaching Turkey Day.

So, if you don’t feel the Thanksgiving spirit yet and are waiting with Holiday preparation to the last moment, a Turkey Hat will be a great introduction to get you into the mood. To this point, with these patterns you can combine your passion for crocheting with the fun of Thanksgiving preparations. Indeed, you will  have the feeling that you are ready to make the next steps in getting ready for all the while doing you favourite thing – crocheting 😉 Of course, there are very few things that are as fun and exciting for Thanksgiving as funny thematic hats. Consequently, you can get into the thick of things, and still enjoy other activities.

Turkey Hat

To begin with, this beanie will be quick and easy to make in just a few hours. Moreover, even though the pattern is available in one toddler size (1-3T), there is also guidance how to make it in any size you desire.

Turkey Hat

The full tutorial about the pattern is available on  Crochet For You:

Turkey Hat

Turkey Hat

Next, this adorable turkey hat pattern is written for all sizes from newborn to adult. Therefore, the whole family can enjoy this wonderful time.

Turkey Hat

The full tutorial about the pattern is available on  Lovable Loops blog:

Turkey Hat

Turkey Earflap Hat

Lastly, the Turkey Earflap Hat pattern will be great for cooler weather. This pattern is available form newborn to adult sizes as well. Indeed, it’s a great and spectacular gift for Thanksgiving to kids and your friends!

Turkey Earflap Hat

The full article about the pattern is available on Lakeview Cottage Kids.

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