A group of chunky knit hats.

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When you wish upon a star…

Since you are here, it means you know what winter is… Although winter has not actually started yet, colder weather can come instantly and surprise you any time. Indeed, have you ever wandered at 8 am where are all the warm clothes because it’s cold out and you have to go? Do you know what hat you wore last winter? Of course you don’t, but it’s not a problem. Here are 3 chunky hat ideas that you can work up super quickly and have a chunky, warm beanie for any occasion. Of course, don’t just take you word for it. Without a doubt, you should take, explore and enjoy the authors’ pages, and plan your winter beanwarmer.

Chu chunky Pebbles Hat

Although highly textured, this chunky hat can be made in less than an hour. Overall  this is a terrific pattern for a fall/winter look. In particular, I love the rich, varied texture that gives this wonderful hat its springiness and intriguing look. Overall, the furry pom pom is the cherry on top.

Chunky Pebbles Hat

Go to the pattern: Chunky Pebbles Hat

Jenna Beanie

Next, this chunky hat is also highly textured and takes just 1 hour. Without a doubt that’s quite amazing, given how beautiful and stylish it is. Again, the furry pom pom is a crowning touch. However, this hat has a gentler, more subtle texture. Indeed, this one will be quite appropriate with a fancier coat.

Jenna Beanie

Go to the pattern: Jenna Beanie

1.5 Hour Beanie

Of course you can take longer to make a chunky hat. However, here is one that’s also quick and you can make it while watching a movie. However, this hat is classic. To this point, the alternating vertical bands with a lovely, wound out bottom make this a traditional, gorgeous winter beanie.

1.5 Hour Beanie

Go to the pattern: 1.5 Hour Beanie

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